what fruit can gerbils eat?

Give them plenty of variety – fruit (such as pear, melon, apple, oranges) and vegetables (such as cucumber, carrot, pumpkin and fennel) can be used to supplement your gerbils’ food pellets. Pumpkin seeds are a healthy treat. Gerbils like to sit up and hold pieces of food to gnaw.

What can gerbils eat list?

Vegetable treats include broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cucumber, lettuce, peas, pumpkin, and tomatoes. Other nutritious snacks gerbils enjoy include popcorn, unflavored cereal, cheese, chestnuts, insects, nuts, seeds, eggs, hay, and wholemeal bread.

Can you give fruit to gerbils?

Gerbils should only be given very small pieces of fruit. In the wild, as a desert species, they simply don’t have access to much moisture-rich food such as fruit and veg, and so they have evolved to do without it. … A gerbil with an upset stomach is not what you want!

What berries can gerbils eat?

Gerbils can eat all berries that humans can eat. Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, goji berries, etc., are all safe for your gerbil. However, they contain lots of sugar, so they should be fed sparingly. Berries are a good snack because of their vitamin and nutrient content.

What is a gerbils favorite food?

Gerbils will enjoy small amounts of dried banana, pumpkin seeds, nuts, millet (the kind sold for budgies and other birds), crispy vegetables such as raw broccoli and carrot, small amounts of fruit, such as apples and grapes (but break the skin so the gerbil can easily see the moist interior), alfalfa, and hay.

What is poisonous to gerbils?

Pumpkin seeds are a healthy treat.

Don’t give your pets grapes or rhubarb, as these are poisonous to rodents. Avoid excessive amounts of certain seeds (such as sunflower), as they’re fatty and can cause obesity.

Can gerbils eat watermelon?

Gerbils can eat fresh and dried watermelons but only as an occasional treat. Fresh watermelons should be given in small pieces because of the high percentage of water in it. You can also give small dried or dehydrated watermelon pieces that contain all nutrients but only a little bit of water.

Can gerbils eat kiwi?

What FRUITS are GOOD for your gerbils? Apples (without seeds), banana, honey dew, peach, watermelon (red part only), strawberry, plum, papaya, blueberry, kiwi, grapes, mango, pear, raspberry and apricot among others.

Can gerbils eat apple skin?

Green apples are perfectly healthy for gerbils to eat, including the skin and flesh. In fact, the skin contains more nutrients than the flesh, so leave it on your gerbil’s apple slice.

Can gerbils eat cheerios?

Plain cheerios are fine for gerbils to eat. They arent likely to make your gerbil fat. Cheerios are part of my gerbils staple diet, and they always eat their cheerios.

Can gerbils have cheese?

Gerbils can eat cheese, but only in small quantities as they’re lactose intolerant. It has too much fat and protein and not enough carbohydrates. Cheese has nutrients like vitamins A, B2, and B12, calcium, phosphorus, and zinc, which offer health benefits.

Can gerbils eat peanut butter?

The quick answer, yes. Peanut butter is perfectly safe for gerbils to consume. There is a tremendous amount of misinformation about peanut butter and gerbils on the internet. Gerbils can eat peanuts.

Can gerbils eat orange peels?

I would be cautious about feeding your gerbils orange peels because you should never give your gerbil citrus food. And some orange could still be on the peels. You should find out if citrus is in the orange peels, if not you could try!

Can gerbils have strawberries?

Gerbils eat strawberries because they like to eat almost any kind of fruit. … However, strawberries shouldn’t be fed to your pet every day or even every other day. Instead, they should be reserved as a snack food. Because strawberries are mostly water, they can upset your gerbil’s digestive system if it eats too many.

What do gerbils like to snack on?

Gerbils are omnivores who enjoy a wide variety of seeds, fruits, vegetables, and insects. Commercial pellet mixes provide your gerbils with the nutrients they need. A proper selection of natural produce can be a healthy alternative to store-bought mixes, a tasty treat, or a supplement to their conventional diet.

Can I give my gerbil a bath?

Water-baths are not good for gerbils as they leach away vital molecules from their coats, and this can lead to skin problems. … Water baths should only be used in emergencies, such as when a gerbil has something potentially harmful stuck to its fur.

Can gerbils eat cardboard?

Cardboard has long been used in gerbil cages for numerous purposes and is generally safe for your rodent to chew.

Can gerbils eat chicken?

They love occasional small bits of plain roast chicken meat and boiled egg for that extra protein.

Can gerbils eat popcorn?

Popcorn is safe for gerbils to eat. However, gerbils should only eat plain popcorn, made without butter, oil, salt, sugar, or flavorings. Popcorn has little nutritional value for gerbils, so it should only be given as an occasional treat. … You’ll also find out if gerbils can eat uncooked kernels and corn on the cob.

What colors can gerbils see?

Gerbils can see clearly but have better long-distance vision than near vision. Gerbils can see in color but are likely red-green colorblind and can see UV light like other rodents.

Can gerbils eat acorns?

Gerbils love to eat most tree nuts. However, acorns might not be good for gerbils because they contain toxic substances called tannins. Most animals can’t process the tannins found in acorns.

Can gerbils eat clover?

Plants and flowers are a nice treat for your gerbil but you should ALWAYS make sure that they are safe for your gerbil to eat. … Examples of some SAFE plants are: dandelion, clover, yarrow and chickweed.

Can gerbils eat raisins?

Gerbils enjoy raisins because they’re sweet and chewy. They have many different vitamins and minerals, and aren’t high in fat. But raisins are high in calories, so make a better snack than staple food.

Can gerbils eat clementines?

Yes you can give citrus fruits to gerbils but not too much, only about half a segment each once a week max as they have a high water content.

Can gerbils eat pasta?

Gerbils require a high fiber diet for digestive motility. Our favorite food brand is Oxbow’s Healthy Handfuls. … Other “treat” foods include sugarless breakfast cereals, whole wheat breads, uncooked pasta and cooked lean meats. Remember to remove any uneaten vegetables or fruit after 4 hours to prevent spoiling.

Do gerbils need light at night?

Do Gerbils Need Light? All gerbils should be kept in conditions that mirror their natural lives. Anything other than that will make them unhappy for reasons they may not fully understand. So, given that gerbils live in an area that gets both days and nights, you must provide your gerbils with some natural light.

Can gerbils eat fresh apple?

Gerbils can eat a number of different fruits, such as small pieces of apple or pear. … This means that their digestive systems aren’t particularly well adapted to foods that contain a lot of moisture, and so only small pieces of fruit should be fed to them at a time.

Can gerbils eat apple tree branches?

It’s ok as long as you are certain that the tree has never been sprayed with any pesticides or insecticides.

Can gerbils eat toilet paper?

They are also fibrous, which gerbils enjoy when chewing. Toilet paper rolls are also untreated, meaning that they are safe for your gerbil to chew on. If any of the roll is ingested, this won’t hurt your gerbil in any way. The only issue with toilet paper rolls is that they are too soft.

Why do gerbils squeak?

Gerbils make noise to communicate, both with you and other gerbils. Gerbils squeak and thump their feet to frighten other gerbils or predators. They make ‘yipping’ sounds when excited. Gerbils also purr to show contentment, chirp to get your attention, and make clicking breathing noises when they’re sick.

Can gerbils eat Rice Krispies?

Rice Krispies cereal and the various other similar brands are all safe for gerbils to eat. These cereals are made from puffed rice. … You should stick to other forms of rice if you want to give your gerbil a snack.

Can gerbils eat eggs?

Gerbils can eat boiled or scrambled eggs but they may not recognize raw eggs as food. Eggshells contain minerals, and gerbils like them because they’re crunchy and wear down their teeth. However, eggs are too high in fat and protein to be a regular foodstuff. They should only be offered as a snack once or twice a week.

Can gerbils have chocolate?

Gerbils can’t eat chocolate. Chocolate contains theobromine, a chemical compound, which is toxic to gerbils. All chocolate is also high in sugar and fat, which is bad for your gerbil’s health. As such chocolate is absolutely unsuitable as food or treats for your gerbils.

Can gerbils eat peas?

Your gerbils’ diet should include: … You can read more about the safe kinds of fruits and veg to feed your gerbil here. Healthy treats like boiled or scrambled egg, mealworms, lean meat, lentils, beans, peas or chickpeas.

Do gerbils like being held?

Are Gerbils Affectionate Pets? Gerbils are affectionate pets that show affection towards other gerbils and humans. You can show affection by petting, holding, or cuddling your gerbil. Most gerbils will like a basic form of affection, like being pet or held.

Is honey good for gerbils?

It is safe to eat, but that won’t help the gerbil much, aside from a tasty treat.

Why do gerbils hoard food?

[It’s an instinctual reaction known as hoarding. Gerbils bury food so that some food will be available when there’s less. It also keeps the food fresher. Captive gerbils behave this way even though they don’t need to.

Can you give gerbils bird food?

While bird seed is suitable for gerbils in the smallest quantities, bird pellets don’t contain the right nutrients. Bird pellets are made with mealworms, suet, flours, and artificial flavorings. As a result, pellets are too high in fat and can make your gerbil malnourished.

Can gerbils eat cilantro?

You may find your gerbils likes to snack on fresh herbs as well as fruit and veg. Try offering them washed fresh parsley, coriander or basil. Nuts and seeds like pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and walnuts are wonderful sources of protein, although you should only give them very small amounts as they are high in fat.

Can hamsters eat oranges?

Speaking of fruits and vegetables – hamsters need them too!

Fresh fruits (rinsed in water) are good too, such as apples, pears, bananas, grapes and most berries. But remember never to give any citrus fruits like oranges, limes, lemons or grapefruit. Only give small amounts at a time.

Can gerbils have ice cream?

Consumption of white chocolate could lead to digestive troubles, tooth rot, and obesity in gerbils. The same goes for any other chocolate-flavored treat, such as chocolate cake, ice cream, and baked goods. Not to mention, white chocolate also contains at least 14% milk.

Can gerbils eat broccoli?

Gerbils love the taste and texture of broccoli. … All parts of the broccoli are safe, including the stem, florets, and leaves. However, too much can cause malnourishment, nausea, and diarrhea. Feed it as a treat once a week.

Can hamsters have strawberries?

Most hamsters will enjoy the occasional treat of chopped pieces of strawberry, but remember to keep their portions small, and never feed your hamster fruit more than twice per week. Strawberries don’t contain any nutritional value that your hamster can’t obtain from their regular diet.

What do gerbils need in their cage?

Gerbils need:

  • A comfortable, dry, draught-free, clean place to live, in a quiet place where they can rest undisturbed. …
  • A gerbilarium large enough to provide shelter, opportunities to dig and space to exercise, with adequate bedding and nesting material. …
  • Gerbils naturally build nests.

Do gerbils need hay?

Gerbils love to burrow, climb, dig and explore. … Gerbils love to chew on the hay and move it around during playtime. Keep at least two of these Oxbow varieties of grass hay on hand: Western Timothy, Orchard Grass, Alfalfa Hay, Brome Hay, Botanical Hay and Oat Hay.

What can gerbils drink?

As gerbils are desert animals, they drink very little and get most of their fluid from food. Of course they should nevertheless be provided with fresh drinking water every day.

Do gerbils have periods?

Gerbils have an estrous cycle, which dictates when they mate. But they don’t go through a menstrual cycle. Instead, the lining of the womb is reabsorbed not expelled. … This means that female gerbils become pregnant almost every time they mate.

Why does my gerbil poop so much?

If you notice that your gerbil poops continuously throughout the day, there’s a chance it’s feeling stressed or scared. Gerbils react to their environment in many ways, and some express their displeasure through their feces. This is a normal reaction to stress.

How do I know if my gerbils are happy?

10 Signs Your Gerbil is Happy! – YouTube

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