what fruits and vegetables can a hedgehog eat?

Apples, bananas, berries, and melons are popular choices among hedgehogs. Vegetables: Fresh tomatoes, fresh green beans, and cooked squash are some options that your hedgehog may enjoy. Starchy vegetables, such as corn, potatoes, and carrots should be avoided as well as dried vegetables.

What fruit can hedgehogs eat?

Pygmy hedgehogs can eat:

  • Berries.
  • Kiwi.
  • Papaya.
  • Watermelon.
  • Peaches.
  • Cherries.
  • Bananas.
  • Apples.

What should you not feed hedgehogs?

Feeding hedgehogs

  • Leave out foods like tinned dog or cat food and crushed cat or dog biscuits. …
  • Never feed hedgehogs milk or bread – milk can cause diarrhoea and bread isn’t very nutritious.
  • Check the food and water bowls each day to top them up with fresh water and food, and remove any food that hasn’t been eaten.

What fruits can hedgehogs not eat?

Fruit can also be toxic, fruits such as grapes, raisins, avocados, pineapple, oranges, lemons, limes to name a few should be avoided. Their toxicity can cause organ problems in pygmy hedgehogs and therefore safer fruits like apples, pears, bananas, blueberries, strawberries and watermelon should be given instead.

Do hedgehogs eat lettuce?

So, while they can eat a little lettuce, it should be nothing more than an occasional treat. A small leaf or a tablespoon of shredded lettuce offered once a week or so is plenty. Hedgehogs can be fed multiple types of lettuce and other greens from the garden, including: Romaine.

What do hedgehogs like to snack on?

Apples, bananas, berries, and melons are popular choices among hedgehogs. Vegetables: Fresh tomatoes, fresh green beans, and cooked squash are some options that your hedgehog may enjoy. Starchy vegetables, such as corn, potatoes, and carrots should be avoided as well as dried vegetables.

Can hedgehogs eat fruits and vegetables?

As a rule, hedgehogs don’t require treats, although an occasional offering of fresh vegetables, fruits, and grains is acceptable. Hedgehogs should not be fed raw meats or eggs. Hedgehogs are not able to digest milk, which may lead to diarrhea.

What can I feed a wild hedgehog?

What food should I feed to wild hedgehogs? Good quality proprietary hedgehog biscuits, dog biscuits and cat biscuits are best in that order. Along with plenty of fresh drinking water offered in a shallow sided dish. Cooked meaty dog and cat food are also good alternatives.

Should you feed hedgehogs every night?

Hedgehogs are lactose intolerant so milk can make them very ill and should never be offered. Instead, put out a dish of fresh water each night. Hedgehogs are active during the night, so the best time to put out food is just after dusk, when they are starting to search for food.

What can wild hedgehogs eat list?

The most important invertebrates in their diet are worms, beetles, slugs, caterpillars, earwigs and millipedes. As well as these, they also eat a wide range of other insects. More infrequently, they will take advantage of carrion, frogs, baby rodents, baby birds, birds’ eggs and fallen fruit.

Can hedgehogs eat cucumber skin?

Cucumber can be eaten by hedgehogs and makes an excellent food source as cucumber provides nutrients and hydrates due to its high water content. The cucumber skin can be peeled and the cucumber cut into smaller pieces and served without oils or seasoning, to ensure safe feeding.

What do hedgehogs hate?

He also hates the sound of rolling dice, keys jangling or any other clinking plastic/metallic sounds (the elevator in our old apartment building was what he hated most).

Can hedgehogs eat cheese?

Hedgehogs are lactose intolerant. Milk and cheese will give them bad diarrhoea and can lead to serious illness as well.

Can hedgehogs eat brussel sprouts?

Hedgehogs can easily eat Brussels sprouts but do not provide them in raw form as that could lead to digestive problems.

Can hedgehogs eat raw broccoli?

While they can eat broccoli, it’s best to cut it up into small pieces before giving it to your little hedgehog friend for easier digestion. Cooked with no seasoning or steamed is the safest way to feed broccoli to your hedgehog, and avoid raw broccoli. They can eat the stems, too.

Can hedgehogs have peanut butter?

Peanut butter isn’t the best choice of a treat for hedgehogs. The sticky texture and the high-fat content make peanut butter a treat that should be avoided or only given sparingly.

Do hedgehogs need toys?

Hedgehogs are very adorable, and can make wonderful animal friends. You’ll want to play with your hedgie regularly, but your hedgehog should also have plenty of toys to keep him amused when you are away or occupied, as these inquisitive little ones do need stimulation and exercise.

What do hedgehogs drink?

In terms of water, hedgehogs ingest water from their prey and natural sources like dew and puddles. Ponds also provide a water source so it’s important to ensure garden ponds have sloping sides or an exit ramp so ‘hogs don’t fall in and get stuck.

Can hedgehogs eat sunflower seeds?

Hedgehogs typically eat things like worms, beetles, slugs, and bugs but they will also eat seeds. So you can put out things like sunflower seeds or peanuts as long as they are balanced with other Foods.

Do hedgehogs like strawberries?

Keep in mind that although hedgehogs can eat fruit, it should be rarely fed. … Feeding your hedgehog an excess of sugary fruits will do more harm than good. Strawberries make a popular sugary snack for many captive hedgehogs, and this fruit is both healthy and tasty for your hedgehog.

What berries can hedgehogs eat?

Here’s a list of the 8 fruits hedgehogs can eat safely in moderation:

  • apples.
  • pears.
  • bananas.
  • berries (blueberries and raspberries)
  • melon.
  • strawberries.
  • kiwi fruit.
  • cherries.

What kind of berries can hedgehogs eat?

Some of the best fruits to feed your hedgehog include apples, pears, bananas, blueberries, strawberries, and watermelon.

How can I help my hedgehog in my garden?

How to help hedgehogs in your garden

  1. Create a wild corner in your garden.
  2. Plant a tree.
  3. Turn allotments and veg beds into havens.
  4. Avoid chemicals.
  5. Provide nesting places.
  6. Make a compost heap.
  7. Break down barriers.
  8. Offer extra food and water.

Is it OK for hedgehogs to eat bird seed?

Hedgehogs are often first seen in gardens eating spilled bird food under feeders. They will be eating the seeds as well as all the insects and invertibrates that gather there. Small quanities of seeds and nuts are not harmful to hedgehogs but can cause issues if eaten to excess.

What is the best thing to feed a hedgehog?

What should I feed hedgehogs? Hedgehogs will relish any combination of meat-based wet dog or cat foods, or dry cat/kitten food, as these are high in the protein that they need. Just remember, they will be getting most of their food from insects and worms in the wild, and this food is only supplementary.

Do hedgehogs return to the same garden?

Hedgehogs are not territorial, however they do seem to follow a regular routine, visiting the same gardens and even specific areas at roughly the same time each night.

How do you befriend a hedgehog?

How To Tame a Hedgehog – YouTube

Should I feed hedgehogs in the summer?

When to feed hedgehogs

The food will be most beneficial in late summer and autumn when they are building up the fat reserves needed to survive the winter. It’s also worth providing food and water during periods of dry, hot weather, as natural resources can become scare in these conditions.

Can hedgehogs have raspberries?

Hedgehogs can eat raspberries and most berries. If you choose to give your hedgehog berries, make sure that you only feed them organic ones. Non-organic berries may contain traces of chemicals or pesticides, which can be extremely harmful to your pet.

Can hedgehogs eat spinach?

Veterinarian-recommended hedgehog fruit and veggie mixes are based on nutritious greens. Kale, romaine or leaf lettuces and collard greens are all good choices. … Spinach is recommended by many veterinarians but contains high levels of oxalic acid, which interferes with calcium absorption in some species.

How can I help hedgehogs UK?

Here are 10 simple steps that will provide hedgehogs with food and shelter.

  1. Create access holes.
  2. Plant a hedge.
  3. Make ponds safe.
  4. Check before strimming.
  5. Avoid using slug pellets.
  6. Make a hedgehog house.
  7. Leave out extra food.
  8. Grow native plants.

Can hedgehogs eat parsley?

Parsley, if you can get your hedgies to eat it, is a very healthy green. It has tons of Vit C, K, A, and iron.

Can hedgehogs eat raw vegetables?

Because hedgehogs have a somewhat limited ability to digest plant material, they should not be fed unripe fruit or raw fibrous vegetables (such as celery and kale). We would also not recommend feeding just vegetables at any meal.

Can hedgehogs have mint?

So, can hedgehogs eat mint leaves? Hedgehogs can eat mint leaves, and it is safe to provide these leaves to them. These herbs are rich in fiber and vitamins A and C. They also contain healthy calcium and iron beneficial to your pet’s health.

Can hedgehogs eat tuna?

Tuna is another fish example that you can provide your hedgehog as a treat due to its mercury content. However, this does not imply that a small amount of tuna will harm your hedgehog. Depending on where you harvested your tuna, it may or may not be safe to feed your pet, hence, suitable as a treat.

Can hedgehogs bite you?

Hedgehogs can bite you, but very rarely will that happen. … They are strong enough to dig their teeth in to your flesh, however, they very rarely bite. I’ve only been bitten when I’ve woken up an adult hedgehog which was sleeping during the day.

Do hedgehogs like swimming?

Hedgehogs love to swim and do so just for fun. A hedgehog can go through his entire life without swimming or needing to swim, but given the chance, they will happily spend time in water. It is not necessarily important for a hedgehog to swim, and when allowing your hedgehog to swim, you need to keep an eye on them.

Can hedgehogs eat dried mealworms?

We DO NOT recommend feeding dried meal worms to hedgehogs, they contain almost no nutritional value and can harm their health. The x-ray of the entire hedgehog shows the effects of feeding large quantities of mealworms, she had severe metabolic bone disease.

Can hedgehogs eat cereal?

You should definitely not provide cereal to your hedgehogs. Cereals mostly consist of carbs and have minuscule amounts of proteins and fats. They are also quite high in calories (357 cal per 100 g of cereal). There are not many minerals or vitamins present either.

Do hedgehogs drink a lot of water?

Based on their body size, you shouldn’t expect a hedgehog to drink a lot of water. Typically, an adult hedgehog should be able to consume between 25-40 milliliters of water each day. On the other hand, younger hedgehogs drink far more water with an average of 60 milliliters per day.

Can hedgehogs eat potato bugs?

They may come with food called hornworm chow, but additionally you can place fresh pieces of eggplant or some potato slices covered in the Repashy gut loading mixture. You can feed these insects to your hedgie three times per week. You may also add this calcium supplement to the insects before feeding.

Can hedgehogs eat pickles?

Pickles have a strong flavor so personally I wouldn’t try it. Dogs have Masters, Hedgehogs have servants.

Why does my hedgehog hiss at me?

So, why is your hedgehog hissing at you? Generally, hissing is a defensive behavior that hedgehogs use to indicate that they are scared or anxious instead of being aggressive. … Simply put, hissing is a way for a hedgehog to communicate that it’s scared or anxious.

Can hedgehogs eat bread?

Only put out small amounts of food, as this is supplementary to their natural diet. Never feed hedgehogs milk or bread as they can’t digest it and it upsets their stomachs. Be aware that putting any food out will attract all sorts of wildlife including predators, not just hedgehogs.

Can hedgehogs eat pistachios?

Can Hedgehogs Eat Nuts Like Cashews, Peanuts, Almonds, or Pistachios? Much like the bird seeds, hedgehogs can (and will) eat nuts for food. But most nuts are too big for hedgehog’s mouths, so they present a choking hazard. Hedgehogs can have nuts but use them sparingly.

Can hedgehogs eat grass?

Hedgehogs can technically eat grass.

However, it is not a natural part of their diet, so they should not be consuming much of it. It can potentially cause digestion problems because grass is difficult to digest. Unlike some other mammals, hedgehogs do not have the enzymes and stomach setup necessary to digest grass.

Can hedgehogs eat pumpkin?

This is because, although hedgehogs do eat pumpkins, its flesh is highly fibrous and when they eat too much of it, it can leave them with upset stomachs and diarrhoea. … For hedgehogs, some water, and some meat-based dog or cat food or biscuits is best, or you can buy designated hedgehog food from some pet stores.