where are cranberries fallout 76?

Where do I find cranberries in Fallout 76?

  1. Best place to harvest Cranberries (NOT the diseased ones) is Sunrise Field a farm near Waratoga station.
  2. Behind the farmhouse is a pond that has around 17 Cranberry spawns.
  3. Beware however you need to be a fairly high level to clear the mob spawn especially as a Mireluk Queen often spawns there.

Where is the cranberry cobbler recipe in Fallout 76?


How long does cranberry relish last Fallout 76?

Cranberry relish

Effects Increased experience gain +10% Very large healing Restores 60 hit points over 25 sec Large, improved meal Reduces hunger by 20% Low radiation Increases rads by 2
Duration 3600 seconds (~60 minutes)

What chemicals are used to grow cranberries?

Chemicals commonly used on cranberries include diazinon, a pesticide that controls insects on a range of fruit, vegetable, nut and field crops. The USDA Pesticide Data Program found that 5 percent of conventional cranberries sampled in 2016 had traces of diazinon.

Where can I find melons in Fallout 76?


  • Can be planted in any player C.A.M.P. or public workshop with the correct materials.
  • Found in the fridge on the bottom floor of the Whitespring Golf Club.
  • Planter at Lewis &amp, Sons Farming Supply.
  • Planter halfway up the East Mountain lookout.

Where is Sundew Grove fallout76?

Creekside sundew grove – A location in the northern region of Cranberry Bog in Fallout 76.

How do I make cranberry juice in Fallout 76?

Cranberry juice is a beverage created by mixing diseased cranberries with water and cooking with wood. It restores a small amount of HP and thirst and gives a small boost to earned XP at the cost of minor rads.

How do you make cranberry relish fallout 76?


  1. Plan. Recipe: Cranberry relish.
  2. Components. Boiled water x2. Cranberries x2. Gourd x2. Sugar x2. Wood x1.
  3. Spoil rate. 468 minutes.
  4. Spoils into. Spoiled meat.

Does cranberry relish stack?

NOTE The XP buffs from foods (canned meat stew, cranberry relish etc Do not stack!)

How many cups of cranberries are in a 12 oz bag?

One 12-ounce bag of cranberries equals 3 cups.

How do you grind cranberries without a grinder?

use a food processor to grind up your cranberries. then grind up your apple and orange. this will make them smooth. i do my cranberries then put them into a empty clean bowl before i grind my apple and orange because the cranberries make the processor full.

Can you grind cranberries in a blender?

Pulse cranberries in a blender or food processor 4 or 5 times or until coarsely chopped, transfer to a large bowl. Pulse orange wedges 4 or 5 times or until coarsely chopped.

What are the top 4 cranberry producing states?

Wisconsin is the leading producer of cranberries, producing 62 percent of the U.S crop in 2017. Other leading cranberry producing states include Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington.

Are cranberries full of pesticides?

Cranberries are second only to blueberries for their power-packed-punch of antioxidants. … Most pesticides per serving: Cranberries that have been imported pose the greatest pesticide risk per serving than any other fruit or vegetable according to the Organic Center.

Where are organic cranberries grown?

Over half of the United States crop is grown in Wisconsin. Massachusetts is the second largest producer followed by New Jersey, Oregon and Washington. Canada is also a big player with more than 80% of the organic cranberries are grown in Quebec.

Where can I find blackberries in Fallout 76?

Primarily grow around the Savage Divide. 20 grow around the pond at Beckwith farm. South from the radstag carcass at Beckwith farm, one will find four within the bushes along the way. An additional four can be found towards the cliff, along the edge of the pond.

Where can I find rabbits in Fallout 76?

There’s a chance to find rabbits at such diverse places as the road northeast of Monongah Mine, by the house on the railroad tracks south of Sunnytop Station, east of Garrahan Mining Headquarters, and west of Camp Adams, amongst other places.

Where can I harvest carrots in Fallout 76?

Fifteen in the garden of the General’s Steakhouse. Six can be found at Groves family cabin. Four can be found at Wixon homestead. One can be found growing in a planter at Raleigh Clay’s bunker.

Where is Mac’s farm in Fallout 76?

Mac’s farm is a location in the Cranberry Bog region of Appalachia.

Where can I farm gourds in Fallout 76?

One can be found on a dining table within the housing northeast of the Whitespring Golf Club, past the seventh door up. One gourd planter can be found in each of the greenhouses at Lewis &amp, Sons Farming Supply and Hornwright summer villa. One can be found on a table atop Bloody Frank’s in Berkeley Springs.

Where can I find a Snaptail in Fallout 76?


  • Along the river west of Billings homestead.
  • In the stream behind the Flatwoods Church.
  • Many can be found northeast of Landview Lighthouse by following the river past the Gorge junkyard.
  • Six in the small pond south of Marigold Pavilion.
  • Several snaptails can be found at Ohio River Adventures.

How do I get the fridge in Fallout 76?

Bethesda Just Added a $7 Fridge into Fallout 76 – YouTube

How do I get Scorchbeast meat?


  1. A 20% chance to be found on a killed scorchbeast. Use of the Butcher’s Bounty perk gives a chance for an additional piece to drop.
  2. A 36% chance to be dropped by the scorchbeast queen.
  3. A 20% chance to be found in scorchbeast nests.

How do you get into Raleigh Clay’s bunker?

A concrete Free States bunker which can be accessed by entering Raleigh’s password into the access terminal next to the door. The entry room is lined with shelves that still have assorted junk sitting on them. An Outgoing Notifications terminal sits on a desk here beside a paper cutter and two barrels.

Where can I buy Berry Mentats?


  • Its recipe can sometimes be bought from MODUS at the medical terminal in the Whitespring bunker.
  • Randomly bought from scavenger traders, Molly (Cautious), Doc Stanley or MODUS medical terminal.
  • Randomly looted from medkits, footlockers and metal boxes.
  • Randomly dropped by high-level feral ghouls.

Where is Antoine fo76?

Antoine (PM-08) is a Protectron serving as a merchant at the Whitespring Resort in Appalachia.

How do you gain XP in Fallout 76?

7 ways to level up on Fallout 76

  1. Avoid quests to focus on other methods.
  2. Kill harder enemies for better XP.
  3. Some events are better than others.
  4. Defend your workshops.
  5. Collect Leader bobbleheads.
  6. Use the Inspirational perk card.
  7. Play your cards right.

How do I boost in Fallout 76?

Ultimate XP Farming Guide, +1000% XP BOOST, Updated 2021 – Fallout …

Are fresh cranberries in stores now?

Why can’t I find fresh cranberries year round? Fresh U.S. cranberries are only harvested in the fall and are available at your local grocery store from September through January. … You can also purchase frozen cranberries online.

Is it OK to eat cranberries raw?

Eating raw cranberries is safe and easy, though their sharp, bitter flavor isn’t for everyone. Be sure to clean and sort them thoroughly. You should also consume them in moderation, especially when juiced, as excessive amounts of juice may cause stomach upset or interfere with medications like warfarin.

Can frozen cranberries be used instead of fresh?

Using Frozen Cranberries

You do not need to thaw frozen cranberries before using them in a recipe. They are better than fresh berries in muffins, quick bread, and other baked goods because they heat through during cooking. … They make a great snack or used in granola, yogurt, and a variety of recipes.

What is the best way to grind cranberries?

Cranberry Relish – YouTube

What can I use to grind cranberries?

Grind cranberries, orange and apples using a meat grinder or food processor.

How do you crush cranberries?

Use a potato masher or meat tenderizer or something like that to break them into pieces. That way they won’t roll around when you’re trying to cut them up. Once they are in pieces, you can lay them out on a cutting board and chop away.

Can you grind frozen cranberries?

It is fine to use frozen cranberries, but it is easier to grind them in the food processor if they are thawed first.

Where do cranberries grow?

Although cranberries are native to North America, they are only grown in five states. Wisconsin is the top producer of cranberries, growing nearly half of all the country’s berries, followed by Massachusetts, which harvests about a third. The remaining production is in New Jersey, Washington and Oregon.

Where are cranberries harvested?

Just five states grow almost all of the country’s supply of the tart berries: Wisconsin produces more than half of all cranberries in the United States, Massachusetts harvests another third, and New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington produce much of the rest.

Where are most cranberries produced?

Wisconsin, the largest producer of cranberries in the United States, grew roughly 59 percent of the crop in 2020.

How do you remove pesticides from cranberries?

Whip up a solution with 10 percent white vinegar and 90 percent water and soak your veggies and fruits in them. Stir them around and rinse thoroughly. Be careful while washing fruits like berries, and those with a thin peel as the solution might damage their porous outer-skin.

Are cranberries Dirty Dozen?

Surprisingly, frozen blueberries have proved to be slightly less contaminated, however, obvious alternatives like cranberries and raspberries are still high in pesticides, even though they didn’t make the dirty dozen list.

Do cranberry bogs have spiders?

Actually, they’ve been there all along. While the berries are growing, budding, and flowering, the spiders make home in the vines, cleaning the vines of any insects. When the bogs are flooded, the spiders float to the surface and run across the tops of the berries to stay dry.

Are cranberries a foreign import?

Cranberries are native to North America and are central to so many American culinary traditions, it can be easy to overlook how important international trade is to this iconic American industry. The cranberry industry is not an anomaly—twenty percent of U.S. agricultural production is exported.

Why are there no cranberries?

Bad growing seasons affect fresh fruit the most because damaged cranberries can be used for juices or sauces. … Wisconsin cranberry growers have produced less than 5 million barrels each year since 2019 according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, but farmers say it’s too soon to call it a down trend.

Why do they put cranberries in water?

Water is applied through the sprinkler system to protect the ripening cranberries from freezing. This can occur anytime the temperature drops below damaging levels, usually between late evening and early morning hours.