10 Strange Fruits You Must Try Once

These fruits may look alien, but they come from our own earth. They can be found all around the world and are amazingly delicious if you just give them a chance. Comment below if you have had any of these amazingly weird fruits.

1. Wood Apple

The wood apple fruit gets its name from the hard, wood-like shell that it is encased in. To open one of these bad boys you will need a nice big hammer. The wood apple fruit is sacred to the Hindus and it taste like raisin and tamarind jam. Many people blend them with other fruit juices to make great smoothies.

2. Sugar Apple

The sugar apple is also called custard apple, atis, sweetsop, and cherimoya. This fruit is native to America and is full of seeds that taste like a cross between a banana and a pineapple. Mark Twain considered it to be the most delicious fruit known to man. Get out and find some of these now!

3. Snake Fruit

The snake fruit gets its name from the scaly, prickly skin. When you open a snake fruit there is a juicy fruit in the middle that is as sweet as honey and as sour as a pineapple. These bad boys are very addictive but you must eat them in moderation or they will cause constipation.

4. Rambutan

The Rambutan is a sea creature looking fruit that may look too scary to eat. Rambutan translates to hairy in Malay, where it is native to. If you peel off the creepy outer shell you will find a juicy, tender fruit with an amazing sweet and sour taste. These fruits are often available in Asian fruit markets or stores and are imported from Southeast Asia.

5. Physalis

The Physalis is in the same family as the tomato and you can see the resemblance. When you peel of the lantern-like husk that it is encased in, you will find the tomato like center that is great for salads or making pasta sauce.

6. Monstera Deliciosa

The Monstera Deliciosa is native to the rain forests of South Africa. It is often used as both food and houseplants but it expels a very pungent odor when it ripens. Though it puts off a foul smell, the fruit on the inside taste like sweet pineapple and tastes nothing like it smells.

7. Durian Fruit

The Durian fruit is often frowned upon because it’s terrible odor and thick prickly outer shell. Some say that it smells like sewage or old gym socks but if you get to the middle, you will taste a rich custard-like flavor that has a hint of almonds.

8. Buddha’s Hand

Buddha’s hand is very common in Asia. It is also sometimes called the finger citron. To eat it, you slice the fruit lengthwise and eat it with the rind. It has a thick and dry flesh very similar to a lemon. Buddha’s hand is often used to make liquors and marmalade. It’s very sweet and tangy!

9. Black Sapote

These weird-looking fruits are sometimes called chocolate pudding fruit.. and aptly so. The Black Sapote resembles a green tomato but if you get passed the weird exterior you will find a custard-like fruit with a sweet nutty taste just like chocolate pudding. Many people mix it with sugar, cinnamon, and wine or serve it with cream.

10. African Cucumber

The African cucumber is also known as the Kiwano Melon. It earned the nickname ‘cuke-asaurus’ because its appearance resembles a horned dinosaur. When you get passed the prehistoric shell, you will find a gelatinous substance that tastes like a bowl of sweet cucumber jello with a tart aftertaste. These are a must-try!

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