Negotiating the Insurance Maze

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Many of us underestimate the need for insurance. Sometimes it’s also due to sheer ignorance of what is available to us. I never had the right head for finances. So it was no small wonder that I treated insurance agents with a deep-rooted sense of mistrust. But then my friend met with an accident. I …

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Unclaimed Life Insurance Policies Funds: Resources and Tools

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Locating money from lost life insurance and demutualization can be hard; however, there are tools to help owners and heirs find these valuable assets. Finding and claiming lost life insurance policies can be done using various methods. A State’s Missing Property Office may have some funds from unclaimed policies. However, there are no central depositories …

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Six Things to do After a Car Accident

No matter how scared or worried you are, you must protect yourself after a car accident. Stay calm and remember a few helpful tips. A car accident is a serious event for new drivers and veteran drivers alike. As soon as the incident occurs, you might feel confused, angry, or even embarrassed. Whether the car …

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Living Sugar-Free

Eating food low in sugar is hardly new, but forgoing sugar completely is just crazy…isn’t it? The health benefits of cutting out sugar extend beyond weight loss with medical journals documenting the reduced risk of everything from type 2 diabetes to heart disease and even cancer. The case to remove sugar from the diet is …

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Clean Eating for Beginners!

Clean eating is not a new phenomenon, just ask your ancestors. Ahhhh 2013…we remember you fondly. We remember the food we ate fondly: sliders, fried chicken, BBQ wings, doughnuts, and, of course, the cronut. We feasted and we rejoiced on the latest delicious food trend. But then came the new year and with it, the …

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Spicy Buffalo Chicken Pizza

This spicy buffalo chicken pizza is ridiculously easy to make and oh, so yummy. Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce is an amazing compliment to the spicy barbeque flavor, but if you have a favorite hot sauce, such as Tabasco or another brand, you can easily substitute that. Try marinating the cubed cooked chicken in …

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