10 Tricks For Healthy Hair from French Women

Tired of bad hair days? Then do like the French women and pamper your hair with these simple – and effective – hair styling tricks!
French women are role models in many areas, especially fashion, beauty and styling. We especially envy them for their hair, which somehow always looks like it has been peeled from an egg. No wonder that the term “French-Girl-Hair” is a household word when it comes to tips and tricks for hair styling.

We’re not talking about a specific haircut like the French cut or long bangs that French women prefer to wear – no, this is about care, passion and love for beautiful hair. And the following applies: less is more.

We took a look around at the French women and tell you what they would never do with their hair – and which hairstyling tricks you prefer to copy. In this sense: Au revoir, brittle hair!

Trick #1: stop washing your hair!

Not quite, of course, but not every day either. Daily shampooing strains the hair, which is why the French women minimize it to two to three times a week. Some only wash them once in seven days. It is particularly important that shampoo and conditioner, which should never be used on the roots, are used sparingly. And the French women also make use of the time of day: Instead of washing their hair in the morning, they tend to wash their hair in the evening, because the slightly damp hair creates natural, light waves in the morning.

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Trick #2: Don’t be Rapunzel, brush only in moderation

She combs and combs and combs: Admittedly, Rapunzel also has meter-long hair. But very few of us do. Brushing is okay, but please don’t use excessive brushing – this can lead to hair breakage and an unwanted frizzy look. Very few French women on the go have a brush in their handbag. Instead, run your hands through your hair and work the roots with your fingertips – this creates extra volume. And if it has to be a brush, make sure to use one with natural bristles!

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Trick #3: Silicones and sulfates don’t stand a chance

Whether it’s washing, brushing or styling – very few French women get their hair on the chemical club. They usually prefer gentle shampoos, conditioners and masks without the addition of sulfates or silicone, which weigh down the hair unnecessarily and leave residues. Extra French Girl insider tip: non-foaming shampoos! It may be a bit more cumbersome to use, but with these products the scalp suffers less and the hair is naturally cared for.

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Trick #4: Better be careful with the blow dryer

Heat is known to be bad for our hair, but many of us cannot even imagine styling our hair without a hairdryer. Modern devices reduce the damaging effect on the structure, but the French prefer to leave it out entirely. Instead, the hair is air-dried or, alternatively, they have a towel wrapped around their head for a while.

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Trick #5: Changing Your Type by Coloring Your Hair? No thanks!

It is also known that dyeing is poison for the hair. Many French women do not want to forego coloring for this reason, but rather because they love and appreciate their natural hair color. And when color comes into play, it is better to be subtle and partial, while maintaining the tone of the natural hair color.

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Trick #6: Better natural! Straighteners and curling irons are a thing of the past

The French women not only love their natural hair color, but also their hair structure – whether it is corkscrew curls, frizzy Afro or chive hair. That is why the use of straighteners and curling irons is an absolute no-go for them.

For many French women, straight hair is considered dead and depressing, they prefer a more lively look when styling their hair. And if you want to conjure up a few waves in your straight hair, you don’t use a damaging curling iron, but rather do it like our French neighbors and wear your hair as a top knot for a few hours. Then just loosen the bun, shake out your hair – et voilà!

Trick #7: Touch me – extensions turn French lovers off

Speaking of the natural look: Extensions are taboo for most French women. Not only because a lot of the wrong strands of hair don’t look natural, but also because they don’t feel good. Especially during hot love games or romantic turtles, lovers like to run through their hair – extensions would just be lust killers.

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Trick #8: French women forego hair accessories

A pin here, a clip there – many French women see hair accessories as pure chichi. Not quite, of course, but most of them do not strain their hair with countless barrettes, clips or headbands. If you do without the open whale mane with long hair, the Frenchwoman styles it in a casual ponytail, where one or the other strand can look out a bit wild.

source: pixabay.com

Trick #9: Perfume in your hair as a special touch

Since many French women forego overloaded chemical cleaning and care products, they resort to natural alternatives that leave seductive scents such as coconut, lemon or lavender in their hair. Extra French girl insider tip: Better to spray a splash of perfume on your hair than on areas of skin such as the décolleté and neck. The scent not only lasts longer in the hair, but also ensures that there are no unsightly stains on the skin – especially in bright sunshine.

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Trick #10: snap, snap off your hair! Don’t be afraid of the scissors

The be-all and end-all of hairstyling is universal: only healthy hair looks good. That’s why French women aren’t afraid to cut their hair, after all, good hair quality is essential for the perfect look. Even if it is only the tips, hairdressers are allowed to use the scissors on them regularly and thus ensure that there are no ugly split ends.

source: pexels.com
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