5 Body Signs You Should Never Ignore

Do you feel exhausted all the time, have mood swings, or nothing? Your body also shows reactions like hair loss or insomnia when you are not feeling well. Pay close attention to these alarm signals …

1. Hair loss

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If your hair is noticeably running out or has become significantly thinner within a year, the alert is red. You are either under or under far too much stress, or your metabolism is not working properly. Dull, dry hair is often associated with hair loss, which does not have to take place in clumps, but can become apparent almost imperceptibly over a long period of time. Perhaps you still have the wide hair clip you used to have or you know how often you could loop your favorite elastic around your ponytail? The difference can usually be seen very quickly.

2. Insomnia

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If you roll around sleepless in bed at night, this usually indicates strong emotional and nervous stress. But asthma, arthritis, and hyperthyroidism can also be the cause. If you have a lot of stress at work, in the relationship, money worries, and fear of the future, take active action. Then you will be able to sleep peacefully again. Otherwise, you should urgently seek medical help. Because if your body cannot regenerate in the long run, it affects the substance. According to the motto: tired, tired, sick …

3. Weight fluctuations

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If your weight is going up and down a lot on the scales, stress and other psychological problems are often the triggers. Some people literally forget to eat when they are too tense, others shovel nerve food like chocolate and co. Either way, your body signals you with weight changes and strong mood swings: Pay attention to your health, rest more, work less! If you stick to your unhealthy lifestyle, the problems develop into serious diseases such as cardiac arrhythmias, anxiety attacks, or depression. It doesn’t have to be, but there is a risk.

4. Birthmarks

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If new moles form in quick succession or the existing ones quickly enlarge or really proliferate, you should definitely have this clarified with your doctor. In the worst case, there is a risk of deadly black skin cancer, which, however, can be treated very successfully in the early stages.

5. Fatigue

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If you suffer from permanent fatigue without having trouble sleeping through the night, magnesium could help you. Constipation is also a sign of magnesium deficiency. Women who are constantly exhausted lack energy, and they are often hormonally imbalanced. A visit to the family doctor will quickly clarify this. The thyroid function should definitely be checked there. If you ignore these body signals, you may otherwise risk diabetes and heart disease.

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