5 Weird Things Your Teeth Are Trying To Tell You If They Could Talk…

5. Gum pain

If your gums or the sides of your teeth hurt when you breathe in cold air, or drink hot or cold liquids, it could be a cavity, Dr. Cram says. It could also mean your gums have drawn back, exposing the roots of your teeth, she adds. This can occur because of bacteria, clenching or grinding your teeth, or brushing too forcefully with a hard-bristled toothbrush.

If red or white spots appear with the pain, however, they could be relatively harmless irritations caused by certain foods, drugs, or even improperly fitted dentures or mouthguards, Dr. Cram says. In some cases, they could also be signs of oral cancer. If the spots linger for more than a week, have your dentist check them out, she advises.

source: pixabay.com


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