6 Things French Women Never Do With Their Hair

What ever it’s about skincare, the fashion style or the beauty tricks – we would love to copy everything from the French women. Because the special thing about them is that they always looks casual and effortless. And even when it comes to their hair, we envy them! But if you think that French women use tons of shampoos or cures, you are totally wrong. because French women deliberately leave things out in order to keep their hair well cared and healthy.

Discover Below the 6 things French women would never do with their hair:

1) Dye hair? No way!

Coloring is not exactly healthy for the hair and therefore an absolute no-go for French women. Their natural hair color is sacred to them, so gimmicks and changes do not come to their heads.

source: pexels.com

2) They don’t use blow dryers

Even though there are now blow dryers that are not harmful to your hair, French women avoid blow-drying their hair. In summer they let their mane air dry, in winter a towel is used as a turban.

source: pixabay.com

3) Never wash their hair every day

Washing your hair too much can also put a lot of strain on your hair. That’s why French women only wash their hair every two days, which is healthier and gives the hair volume.

source: pixabay.com

4) Wash their hair in the morning

Also a real French insider tip. If possible, always wash your hair in the evening instead of in the morning. Because if you go to sleep with damp hair, you can look forward to great waves the next morning.

source: pexels.com

5) They hardly ever use hair accessories

source: pexels.com

A real French lady doesn’t put hair clips or headbands on her head. Better open, natural hair or a casual ponytail with a scrunchie.

6) Never leave the house without perfume

French women spray their perfume not only behind the ear or neck, but also a touch in their hair. The scent lasts better there and every time the hair is swung it smells so wonderfully good …

source: pexels.com
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