9 Signs Your Dog Is Doing Very Badly

Owners want their dog for nothing and that he is well. But often the four-legged friends only show how they really feel when they are unobserved or hide their pain for as long as possible. But there are a few things you can see if your dog is comfortable or not.

But why do our four-legged friends so rarely show that they are in pain? Wolves belong to the ancestors of the dogs and they show no pain because this makes them vulnerable and could even mean exclusion from the pack, writes the portal “senior-hunde.de”. That is why dogs avoid showing any kind of weakness. But if you look enough, you can still see how your four-legged friend is really doing.

1. Breathing of the dog

If your dog is breathing shallowly, particularly quickly, or very irregularly, this could be a sign that he is in pain. So it’s best to look closely and pay attention to the movement of the chest. If the chest rises, the four-legged friend inhales, if it lowers, the animal exhales. Typically, a dog breathes 10 to 40 times per minute.

source: pixabay.com
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