7 Breast Cancer Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

If breast cancer is recognized in time, it has a good chance of being cured. These symptoms could indicate an illness.

Something looks different. Only what? Even if we don’t constantly look closely at our own breasts, we fall changes sooner or later on. OK then! Because breast cancer has many symptoms that show up in small abnormalities: changes in size, swelling or on the nipple.

To prevent the disease from developing (further) in the first place, it is important to see a gynecologist at least once a year (for cancer screening, but also to prevent or detect gynecological diseases at an early stage) .

The good news: you can do a lot in the early detection of breast cancer yourself if you feel your breasts regularly. Women often discover a lump in their breasts quite by accident while applying lotion or showering. If you consistently and regularly subject your breast to a small examination – visually and by palpation – you bring all chances on your side.

Keep your eyes open and check your chest regularly. Stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself critically. Does something look different than usual? This game may seem strange to you the first time, but it is priceless. Breast cancer usually shows up through certain symptoms that need to be recognized as early as possible.

Don’t panic: little ones changes are by no means a sure sign of breast cancer! If you think you’ve discovered one of the symptoms in yourself, you should take a deep breath and make an appointment with the gynecologist. Very often everything is quite harmless. So please don’t overreact, but act consistently.

Breast cancer: these 7 symptoms are typical

1. Breast cancer symptom: indurations in the breast

Breast lumps are a classic symptom of breast cancer. You can discover them very quickly by touching them. Fortunately, not every lump or hardening is malignant. Often it is a harmless cyst or a benign lump. Go to the gynecologist, he will take a tissue sample and then you will know more.

Incidentally, the breast tissue is the softest immediately after your period. Performs palpation examinations during this time.

2. Breast cancer symptom: puckered skin on the breast

If the skin of the breast suddenly pulls inwards a little, this can be a sign of breast cancer. Symptoms of this type often show up on the nipple, which has been injected with something or even looks crooked. Talk to a specialist about it.

3. Breast cancer symptom: difference in the size of the breasts

Some breasts are exactly the same size, others are not quite as symmetrical. This is usually not a problem at all. Especially when one breast has always been a little smaller than the other. Pay attention as soon as the size changes. When a breast suddenly looks bigger. This can also be a symptom of breast cancer.

4. Breast cancer symptom: different appearance

In the case of burst cancer screening, it is important that you also raise your arms and see how the breasts change as a result. If everything is okay, the breasts should look normal and maintain their shape. If the shape changes, if the breast seems to have sagged in one place, this should be checked by a doctor.

5. Breast cancer symptom: secretions from the nipples

Press the nipples together slightly. Ideally, nothing should happen. If watery, bloody or purulent fluid escapes, this should be examined by a doctor. This can also be an indication of breast cancer, leaking fluid is one of the typical symptoms.

6. Breast cancer symptom: Noticeable lymph nodes

The lymph nodes under the armpits are an important indicator of changes and inflammation in the body. Regularly feel the armpit for lumps with your arm raised. If you feel something, you should go to the doctor as a precaution.

7. Breast cancer symptom: redness & Co. on the breast

If the nipple suddenly changes color, reddening of the breast occurs, this is a case for the doctor. This can also be a symptom of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer: Prevention & Diagnosis – Bring All Chances to Your Side!
Tired of feeling the chest? Sure, nobody likes to think about the possibility of a tumor in the breast in everyday life. But when you know that the sooner a possible tumor is diagnosed, the better the chances of recovery, it is not difficult to motivate yourself to have a regular breast examination. The later the tumor diagnosis, the higher the risk of metastasis. Breast cancer treatment is also more complicated and stressful for women at an advanced stage.

Therefore, it is essential to go to regular preventive care (breast palpation, mammography screening)!

The information in this article is provided for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for a doctor’s diagnosis. If you have any uncertainties, urgent questions, or complaints, you should consult a doctor.

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