20 Most Expensive Divorces Of All Time

Nowadays marriages come and go; which means if you marry, you should expect a divorce too. And none of these things are cheap. Love doesn’t last forever and these spouses made sure they got the compensation they wanted for it. Let’s go through the list of the most expensive divorces ever.

20. Alec Wildenstein

COST: $5.5 billion

If you thought you had a very bad luck with your ex when you were getting divorced you haven’t heard of French-born American businessman and art dealer Alec N. Wildenstein yet. His former wife, the famous catwoman Jocelyn Wildenstein, cost him an estimated 3.8 billion dollars back in 1999. It is valued more than 5.5 billion today.

19. Rupert Murdoch

COST: $2.4 billion

Rupert is one of the biggest media moguls these days. His second wife, Anna, seemed to be quite aware of his wealth since she made him pay 2.4 billion American dollars for it. Their marriage lasted for 31 years, though, respect for that!

18. Bernie Ecclestone

COST: $1.2 billion

The former Formula One Group chief executive’s relationship with Slavica probably wasn’t his smartest decision in his life. And it’s not because they looked quite ridiculous together. When she filed for divorce after 23 years, she was awarded with 1.2 billion.

17. Adnan Khashoggi

COST: $2.2 billion

Unfortunately, the Saudi Arabian arms dealer Adnan has passed away in 2017 but the story of his divorce will be remembered for long. In 1980 his first wife, called Soraya, made him pay 874 million dollars, which is about 2.2 billion inflation-adjusted. It was a great deal for her, wasn’t it?

16. Mel Gibson

COST: $425 million

You could say the actor got away for a little bit less than his fellow sufferers. For him and Robyn Moore this meant “only” 425 million and not billions. Despite the fact that they separated in 2006, their divorce papers were finalized only in December 2011.

15. Roman Abramovich

COST: $300 million

The biggest Russian oligarch and the owner of Chelsea F.C. These infos are more than enough to find out who is it about. Perhaps Roman Abramovich wasn’t shook when he found out his divorce from Irina costed him 300 million dollars. His private yacht, which is the world’s second largest one, costs more than that. His wife was just a bad investment, that’s all.

14. Charles E. Fipke

COST: $200 million

For those who don’t know: Fipke is a scientist famous for discovering diamond mines. So no doubt, he had some money to share with his ex-wife Marlene when they decided to split. Their settled at an estimated 200 million dollars.

13. Michael Jordan

COST: $168 million

The former big baller wasn’t tight-fisted either when his marriage with Juanita came to an end in 2002. The mom-of-three received a 168 million dollar settlement. 14 years later today it is equivalent of two hundred million. Not a bad deal, right?

12. Neil Diamond

COST: $150 million

The successful American musician has sold over 135 million records since he started his career. Do you know what other number has defined his life? One hundred and fifty; that’s how much Marcia Murphey cost him after 25 years of marriage.

11. Harrison Ford

COST: $118 million

Seems like men of Hollywood never learn. Apparently, Ford had never guessed that his second marriage with Melissa Mathison would end even worse than the first one. Those 18 years together were worth them about 118 million dollars.

10. Steven Spielberg

COST: $100 million

Once you have an ex-husband like Spielberg, you have to grab everything you can when you’re leaving. Even if you don’t have any kids. Amy Irving did what she had to and settled for a hundred million.

9. Madonna

COST: $76–$92 million

Back in time, Madonna and Guy Ritchie were the dream couple. However, even two extremely talented and successful people have their own problems. Perhaps their marriage only lasted 8 years, Ritchie was granted $76–$92 million.

8. Tiger Woods

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COST: $100 million

Professional golf player Woods is well-known for his scandals. Nobody was surprised when the couple announced they’re divorcing. Elin Nordegren got about 100 million dollars, which she totally deserves for the suffering.

7. Kenny Rogers

COST: $60 million

Thanks to his huge popularity, women were literally dying for the singer. If you don’t believe, just ask those five women who agreed to marry him. One of them called Marianne Gordon got the luckiest and could the pride of 60 million dollars.

6. James Cameron

COST: $50 million.

Caímeron is not only known for his filmmaking talent but his passion about exploring the deep-sea, as well. Neither of his interests stopped him from marrying five times, too. It’s like they want to get rid of their money by using these women. Linda Hamilton was “awarded” with about $50 million.

5. Paul McCartney

COST: $48.6 million

The ‘little beetle’ married Heather Mills in 2002. Owing to the fact that they separated after four years and divorced in 2008, McCartney lost more than he gained from this relationship. 48.6 million dollars to be exact.

4. Michael Douglas

COST: $45 million

When the young actor first got married to Diandra Luker, the girl was only 19 years old. But after 18 years of marriage she got smart and when she filed for divorce she insisted on 45 million dollars of his money. Nice move

3.Donald Trump

COST: $25 million

Is there a list the new U.S. president cannot be on? Trump’s first wife, Ivana Zelnickova made him pay about 25 million dollars. Do you think the divorce or the number of the settlement be different if he was a president already?

2. Lionel Richie

COST: $20 million

The singer began her relationship with Diane Alexander while he was still married to his previous wife. Years has passed he got divorced and married Diane. After 8 years of being together his wife got away with divorce including 20 million.

1.Mick Jagger

COST: $15-25 million

The last one on our list is the legendary musician Mick Jagger. He has had several relationships but only married and divorced once. Maybe those 15-25 million dollars were the reason why he decided not to marry anymore

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