Finding the Right Sports Bra

You may not wear sports bras very often but for the times you do, it helps to have one that actually feels comfortable and not restrictive. Whether you’re an athlete or someone who prefers the fit and comfort of a sports bra over a regular bra, knowing how to find the right sports bra can help save you time, discomfort and money.

Sports bras are very important during the teen years when puberty begins to hit. During physical activities such as school sports and/or physical education, it is essential for young ladies to invest in a good quality sports bra in order to keep their breasts from moving uncomfortably. High impact exercises can negatively affect the delicate breast tissue, which is why sports bras serve as protection. Contrary to popular belief, sports bras aren’t just for women with large breasts. Even those with smaller busts should use sports bras during physical activities to foster proper development of the breasts into adulthood.

The first step towards finding your ideal sports bra is to know why you need it. Do you need a sports bra that can be worn all day? How about one that offers an added structure for no-bounce support? Want a sports bra that won’t create the dreaded “uniboob?” Even something as simple as wanting a sports bra that is easy to take off and put on is significant while shopping. Once you know the purpose your sports bra will serve, you’ll be able to shop for the right type based on your bra size, body shape and type of physical activity you’ll be doing.

For gals with A and B cup bra sizes, you may want to look into sports bras that provide no-bounce support in a pullover style. This will give you the compression and flattening necessary to prevent bouncing without being overly restrictive. However, if your cup size is a C or D, you may want to go for a sports bra with an encapsulation style, meaning a bra that not only provides no-bounce support but also separates your breasts (no uniboob), allowing you to keep the contour of your bust. These types of sports bra also offer adjustable back clasps and comfortable shoulder straps that don’t dig into your skin.

Thankfully, sports bra designs have come a long way since the days of the one-size-fits-all style that was simply a pullover bra that squeezed your chest until you couldn’t breathe. Many sports bras are now designed according to physical activity. For runners or women that like to take a jog every once in a while, you’ll want to invest in a sports bra made for running. Like aerobics or weight lifting? There are sports bras made for that, too. Now more than ever it’s become easier to find the perfect sports bra for your needs. Never buy a sports bra without trying it on first. If you feel uncomfortable, don’t like the way it fits, or aren’t getting the support you need, keep looking until you find the one that you know will fit you to a tee.

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