Keep Bugs Away: Scents That Mosquitoes Hate

7. Citronella

Credit: Pixabay

Citronella is one of the best-known mosquito repellents–with good reason. The citrus-like scent of citronella irritates mosquitos, leading them to fly quickly away from the area. Try planting lemongrass around your home to help keep mosquitoes away or, if you’re going to be away from home, consider putting a few drops of the essential oil in your deodorant, lotion, or body spray.

8. Rosemary

Credit: Pixabay

Time to keep building up that herb garden! Rosemary, another flavorful and aromatic herb, can also help encourage mosquitoes to stay out of your garden. As an added bonus, fresh rosemary makes a great addition to a wide range of dishes, including meats, soups, and stews.

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