Natural Cures for Insect Bites

Heal Insect Bites Naturally
Adults and kids alike get irritated (literally and figuratively) by insect bites. There are many over-the-counter cures to stop the itch and burn at the irritation site on the skin. However, many products that heal insect bites contain chemicals or other ingredients that some choose to avoid for health reasons or otherwise. Here are 5 natural cures for insect bites.

Natural Cures for Insect Bites: Tea Tree Oil

Those who have read any of my natural cures or natural care articles have seen a mention of tea tree oil many times by now. Here is yet one more use. Tea tree oil is a natural mosquito and insect repellent that is safe for kids. But, in addition to being a repellent, tea tree oil can heal insect bites naturally.

Tea tree oil is top on my list of natural cures for insect bites, as it takes away the burn and itch on contact. It also contains antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic properties. This means that it not only provides relief from the insect stings and bites, but it works to heal them and keep the germs away. Plus, as mentioned above, it’s also a repellent. You don’t want that pesky mosquito coming back for more and the tea tree oil will help ensure that it won’t.

Natural Cures for Insect Bites: Banana Peel

Many swear that the inside of a banana peel can heal insect bites naturally. Simply rub the inside of a banana peel on the affected area. It’s supposed to take down the swelling and itch. I haven’t personally tried this remedy yet, but it’s been mentioned to me by others many times and is even listed on the Farmer’s Almanac website, so it’s second on my list of natural cures for insect bites.

Natural Cures for Insect Bites: Rubbing Alcohol

If you don’t have tea tree oil handy, this works just as fast to quickly relieve the burning and itching caused by an insect bite. If an ant has ever bitten you, you know that relief will be needed quickly. An ant bite can sting well after the bite has taken place. Just like the tea tree oil, dab some rubbing alcohol on the insect bite, and relief comes almost instantly. This also can rid the area of some of the germs that may be lurking.

Natural Cures for Insect Bites: Vinegar

Don’t have tea tree oil or rubbing alcohol handy? Vinegar works to heal insect bites naturally as well. Just like the others, simply dab some on the affected area and experience relief. Vinegar can kill germs, as well as relieve itching and burning caused by insect bites. If there is a stinger, combining it with baking soda can sometimes help pull it to the surface.

Natural Cures for Insect Bites: Baking Soda

Mix a small amount of baking soda with water to make a paste. Applying it to insect bites and stings can help heal them naturally. This is a great addition to the list of natural cures for insect bites because it can also be used in another way. As mentioned above, when combined with vinegar, this could help bring an insect stinger to the surface. Baking soda and vinegar create a bubbling action when mixed. This can sometimes pull the stinger out without having to use tweezers and further irritate the area.

**WARNING – Some insect bites and stings can cause an allergic reaction. Some signs of an allergic reaction include shortness of breath, difficulty swallowing, neck pain, hives, nausea, and chest pain. Severe allergic reactions can cause anaphylaxis. If any of the above occurs, the patient must get to the ER right away. Do not hesitate to dial 911.

*Note that the author is not a licensed medical professional. The above is provided solely for informational purposes. Always contact a licensed medical professional for the best advice regarding health issues.


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