Rare Photos Of Princess Diana

CAIRO, EGYPT – MAY 13: Princess Diana visiting the Al Azhar mosque in Cairo during a tour of Egypt. (Photo by Tim Graham)

LONDON – NOVEMBER 1995: Princess Diana, Princess of Wales, wearing Virgin Atlantic sweatshirt, leaves Chelsea Harbour Club, London in November 1995. (Photo by Anwar Hussein/WireImage)

Princess Diana wearing an unusual combination of white trousers, boots, a blazer jacket, and a baseball cap after taking her sons to school at Wetherby, 25th April 1989. (Photo by Daily Mirror)

A young Lady Diana Spencer (1961 – 1997), later the wife of Prince Charles, circa 1965. (Photo by Central Press)

A young Lady Diana Spencer in her pram at Park House, Sandringham in Norfolk, 1963. (Photo by Central Press/Hulton Archive)

Lady Diana Spencer (1961 – 1997) later the wife of Prince Charles, 1969. (Photo by Fox Photos)

NECKER ISLAND – APRIL 11: Diana Princess Of Wales With Prince William On A Beach Holiday In Necker. (Photo by Tim Graham)

TETBURY, UNITED KINGDOM – JULY 18: Princess Diana Sitting Outside Highgrove With Her Son Harry Who Is In Uniform As A Soldier (Photo by Tim Graham)