Review: Roger Hamilton’s Wink and Grow Rich

Wink and Grow Rich by Roger Hamilton is an enjoyable read – so much so that you’ll want to delve into it again once the story is completed. And that is exactly what Roger Hamilton’s directions for this book are:

  • Apply
  • Rinse
  • Repeat

What Asia’s leading wealth consultant is suggesting here is that Wink and Grow Rich will best benefit the reader if they take the time to read the book, apply its step by step guide to making a lot of money, dwell on these steps and then read again. For the majority of people, the first time a book is read or a movie is watched, not everything is taken in. By reading through this book a second time, fifth, or even fifteenth time, the reader will surely discover further insight into the ways in which wealth can best be achieved for them.

Wealth Found in Fictional Parables

The Richest Man in Babylon was a story by George S. Clason that was written in the 1900s regarding wealth accumulation. The principles in this fictional novel still apply today. In the 1980s, Og Mandino published the Greatest Salesman in the World Parts I and II, putting forth other principles that can lead to wealth accumulation.

Like Clason, Mandino sets his story in a fictional form, with characters that the reader can relate to. Hamilton has achieved this also in his novel. Nine-year-old Richard is sent out on an errand by his overworked and overtired father. Along the way, Richard’s eyes are opened to possibilities other than working hard all your life and not having much to show for it.

In each chapter, he is introduced to a new character that further enlightens him on how wealth can be achieved. Richard is wisely given a notepad by an old lady at the start of his journey. She advises him, “Think it, ink it.” Not quite sure what to make of her advice, Richard nevertheless follows it, writing down his first entry into the book, “Think it, ink it.”

Each chapter of this short novel brings him across a new character that provides further thought-provoking statements for Richard to add to his notebook. As he meets more and more people, his questions grow, but his clarity about what he wants in life grows alongside this.

Life Lessons and Correct Timing

Perhaps an incredible life lesson for such a young boy, this 9-year-old learns that his most valuable assets are his time, knowledge, and how he utilizes both. Ecstatic with revelation, he rushes home to tell his father of his newfound wealth, only to find that his father is saddened that Rich didn’t carry out the errand asked of him at the start of the story.

Initially disheartened, Rich, recalls that timing is an important part of his journey. His father isn’t yet ready to hear what Rich has discovered – perhaps like many in today’s society.

Wink and Grow Rich is an enjoyable novel that will get the mind thinking. For those desperate to find a way out of the rat race, utilize their time wisely, and generate a future passive income, it is well worth the read. The principles are written and illustrated to provide a great starting point for the willing individual.

  • Source: Wink and Grow Rich A Step by Step Guide to Making a Lot of Money, by Roger Hamilton. Achievers International 2006. ISBN 981 04 7013 4
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