This Helps Against Pimples on the Buttocks

The word buttne is made up of the term for butt – “butt” – and “acne”. But thank God it is not really acne on the bottom, but rather blemishes that can be treated well.

It mainly affects young women between the ages of 20 and 30. Dermatologists are seeing an upward trend in Buttne cases. The reasons for the unsightly pimples on the bottom are ingrown hair follicles, sweat, and inflammation caused by bacteria.

What helps against buttne?

Get out of your tight pants, into a fluttering dress or airy jumpsuits: the constant friction of fabric on the skin is the main cause of pimples on the buttocks. The more artificial the materials, the worse the rash will be.

So if you already have sports tights, change them quickly after your workout. Don’t forget to shower beforehand. Because sweating and tight-fitting clothing are the most dangerous alliance of all.

Relieve the seat meat

The worst-case in this context is the combination of cycling shorts and sweaty activities such as spinning or long mountain bike tours. Nylon is considered to be the most harmful substance to the skin. It literally traps sweat between skin and clothing, which cheerfully drives pimple production on the buttocks.

Skin-friendly materials

If you want to avoid pimples on your buttocks, you should switch to cotton leggings and banish your skinny jeans to the farthest corner of the closet for a while. When it comes to pajamas and sleep shirts, it is better to use silk or other smooth natural materials such as mercerized cotton for the sake of the beauty of the very best.

Little helpers from the medicine cabinet

Pushing around and squeezing the buttock pimples doesn’t help at all, on the contrary: this only spreads the germs and the inflammation spreads over a larger area.

If it is too itchy and annoying, it is better to apply the usual blackhead remedies. Ingredients such as dibenzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or glycolic acid soothe and activate the regeneration of the skin.

Neutral shower gels without perfume have no side effects, you should avoid peeling. Rubbing would only spread the buttne further. And then there will be nothing with the skimpy panties, bikini figure or not.


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