This Is What Eye Color Says About Your Personality

The sentence has become immortal: When Humphrey Bogart breathes “I look you in the eyes, little one” in the cult film “Casablanca”, then he speaks to millions of people from the soul. Because eyes and their different iris colors have always fascinated mankind. And there are countless myths and fairy tales about their special attraction.

Fascinating sensory organ

However, it has been scientifically proven that our eye color and the various patterns and shades are determined by the pigments in the iris – also known as the iris. And it is so individual that the iris recognition is now used more and more often to identify people.

Light-skinned babies tend to have blue eyes

When they are born, light-skinned babies usually have the typical blue googly eyes. It is only at six to twelve months that the actual tint of our eyes becomes apparent through the formation of the pigment melanin. Experts confirm: Around 10,000 years ago, everyone had brown eyes. Today, however, one in five children keeps the bright blue iris due to gene mutations. But only a total of ten percent of the world’s population has blue eyes. Most people, around 90 percent, have brown eyes – in various degrees. People with green eyes are the least common around the world.

The condition of the eyes provides information about the personality

Whether brown, green, blue, or gray, a deep look into the eyes has always played an important role in communication between two people. They show interest, sympathy, or dislike. Scientists at Örebro University in Sweden have found that the nature of the eyes even reveals a lot about our personality. The reason for this is a very specific gene that is not only involved in the formation of our iris pattern but is also active in the area of ​​our brain that is responsible for our feelings and our behavior. So look your counterpart in the eye from time to time – it’s worth it!

Dark brown eyes look trusting and powerful

People with a dark brown color of the iris – similar to green color – are very rare. Because they have a particularly high melanin level, which ensures the almost black eye color. Scientific theory states that the more melanin is produced, the more efficient and faster the brain works. Perhaps that is why dark brown-eyed people seem so trusting, powerful, intelligent and dynamic. At times it is even surrounded by a slightly mysterious, dignified aura. But be careful: studies also say that they don’t always have their impulsiveness under control and that they can lose their temper in arguments if things get too colorful for them.



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