Time and Money – to Spend or Invest?

In his book, Wink and Grow Rich, author Roger Hamilton touches on some important points with regards to time and money. The theme throughout this short novel is that both are important assets that should be treated as such.

Spending Versus Investing

Something that is spent may be passed (as in passing time a particular way) or paid out (exchanging money for a product or service), not able to be gained back. Investing on the other hand is considered a way of putting money or time into something that will generate a return.

For many, this return is often desired to be a monetary gain, but when considering the investment of time, it may be invested in learning a new skill. Often this skill can then be utilized to earn an income, ask for a wage increase, or something else that creates further value in the acquirer.

Hamilton aptly states in his book, “every hour spent working hard instead of learning to see better keeps you poor.” Utilizing one’s time to invest in their skills and knowledge with regards to a particular trade, as well as how to wisely invest money is the best way to ‘learn to see better’. Having a clearer view on how you as an individual can be improved will help guide future decisions and direction.

Making Use of Acquired Information

There is no point in having gained a valuable piece of information, but then choose to not act on it. This is summed up in Wink and Grow Rich by the statement of, “to know and not to do is not yet to know.” In other words, the information that you have, are you any better off for having acquired it? Or is it just a fact that is taking up space in your head, but not being put to use?

Making Use of a Surrounding Network

One commonly stated fact of network marketing and why it can work so well to generate a passive income is that it is made up of a lot of people, doing a little. Often people think the only way to gain wealth is to have one person (themselves) carrying out a tremendous amount of work!

Instead of working hard by yourself, Hamilton hints that it is who you know that can help you advance to where you want to go. Surrounding yourself with a network of people that have similar aims in life and are making progress with regards to life goals will be more beneficial than hanging around those who complain about their financial situation but don’t make any effort to change things.

  • Source: Wink and Grow Rich A Step by Step Guide to Making a Lot of Money, by Roger Hamilton. Achievers International 2006. ISBN 981 04 7013 4
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