4 Of Reasons Why You Should Imperative Wash New Clothes Before You Wear Them

We often want to wear new clothes immediately after buying them. But experts advise against it. We reveal why!
Price tag from and into the new clothes: who of us does not know this temptation after an extensive shopping tour. But you should always wash clothes before wearing them for the first time – preferably even two regular washes. Donald Bersito, professor of dermatology at Columbia University Medical Center, told the Wall Street Journal the need behind it.

1# Chemicals

New clothing almost always contains chemicals. These harmful substances in clothing ensure that clothing remains wrinkle-free, the color looks bright and no mold breaks out due to moisture during transport.

According to Bersito, you shouldn’t underestimate the harmful substances in your clothing – especially the high dosage of chemicals. Because they come into direct contact with your skin when you wear them.

Tip: The stronger your new clothes smell when you buy them, the more chemicals were used for them.

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2# Allergies

The pollutants in clothing and the frequent skin contact of different people often trigger allergies. These can show up as reddening of your skin, itching, or even a blocked airway. If you have very sensitive skin, double caution is required. Even with children, you should only put new clothes out to put on after washing them once or twice.

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3# Pathogens and Reptiles

For Bersito, however, in addition to the harmful substances in clothing, hygiene is even more important. We often forget that new clothes go through many hands before they conquer your heart in the store. But don’t forget: clothes usually travel around the world to reach you.

In this way, she not only comes into contact with customers in the store but with people all over the world. This also applies to your next online order. “From lice to itch mites to fungi – I’ve had a lot of patients who got infected with something like this through new clothes,” says the professor. Bersito also emphasizes that mushrooms are particularly stubborn and can survive for a while in your new clothes. It is therefore even more important that you wash your new clothes at least twice after buying them.

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4# Lack of Hygiene

Last but not least – as if this weren’t all hard to digest – Philip Tierno, professor of microbiology at New York University, made a similar discovery with regard to new clothes. According to the “huffingtonpost.com”, his team took a close look at new clothing from popular and established fashion chains, including high-end fashion. They took samples of the laundry for examination and made a terrifying find.

In addition to noroviruses and bacteria, the researchers even found fecal germs. Well, if you’re not convinced now, we don’t know what to do next. From now on: After shopping, put your new clothes in the laundry and you take the shower.

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