Frying Minced Meat: 7 mistakes We all Make

Mistake #4: season the meat before roasting

Opinions are divided about whether meat should be salted before or after it is seared. According to the current state of knowledge, the meat does not dry out completely if you salt it shortly beforehand. That applies at least to steak or schnitzel. Just like with strips of meat or goulash, it looks a little different with minced meat due to the enlarged surface.

We would recommend only adding salt when the meat is no longer completely raw and most of the water vapor has evaporated. Especially if you work with several servings (more on this in the next point), you can be sure that the minced meat is evenly salted.

Pepper and other spices should always be added shortly before the end of the cooking time. The reason: too much heat can make pepper and co. Taste bitter. Fresh herbs come last as they are particularly sensitive to heat and otherwise lose their aroma quickly.

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