Frying Minced Meat: 7 mistakes We all Make

What can you do wrong with frying minced meat? A whole lot! We reveal how to do it right – in our hack hacks!

Frying minced meat should be one of the first cooking steps that every complete beginner takes. Except for the fried egg. Understandable, because minced meat is cheap and can be prepared in a variety of ways – from chili con carne to burger patties and meatballs to the obligatory Bolognese . We don’t even want to start with finesse like meatloaf.

It doesn’t take a lot of skill to sear some minced meat. One should think so. Far from it, because there are quite a few things to watch out for when roasting minced meat. At least if you don’t want thatHack  Water draws in and bubbles fade away.

We’ll tell you the seven biggest mistakes when frying minced meat . Read here how your meat retains its juice and thus forms the perfect starting point for all kinds of delicious minced meat dishes. Stage freely for the best hack hacks!

A tip in advance: Quality plays a major role in (minced) meat. In conventional farms, pigs and cows build up more muscle mass due to fattening products – and that gives more when searedwater from. As a result, the meat shrinks and becomes dry. Therefore, if possible, always buy fresh organic minced meat from the butcher. That stays juicier.

#1st mistake: The minced meat is too cold

Minced meat is a perishable food and offers a lot of space for bacteria thanks to its enlarged surface. That is why it is right and important to put the meat in the cold immediately after shopping and, if possible, to consume it on the same day.

However, if you put the cold minced meat directly into the hot pan, the temperature shock gives off more liquid. This is exactly what it is essential to prevent. In order to be able to sear the minced meat until crumbly, you should take the meat out of the refrigerator 15 minutes beforehand (not much longer!). Then the hack is not frightened that much and can be processed more relaxed.


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