Beware of 10 Poisonous Plants In Your Garden

9. Tulip

The colorful tulips, which are often found in pretty bouquets in the apartments at Easter, are not without danger. The bulbous plant has one or two leaves, a mostly straight stem with a large flower perched on it.

The entire tulip is considered poisonous, although a critical dose is not known. The symptoms are differentiated according to “skin contact” and “consumption”:

Skin contact:

  • “Tulip bulb dermatitis” with eczematous skin changes
  • itch
  • Redness
  • swelling
  • Increased fragility of the fingernails
  • Cracks in the skin and slight flaking

As soon as contact with the tulips is broken, dermatitis heals on its own after a few days. If this is not the case, please consult a doctor.


  • salivation
  • Vomit
  • stomach pain
  • Drop-in body temperature
  • shock
  • apathy
  • Apnea

The information center against poisoning at the University Hospital Bonn recommends drinking plenty of water for small amounts and consulting a doctor for larger amounts.

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