Home Made DIY Remedies for Itchy Bug Bites

Solve Your Bug Bite Problems with Kitchen Pantry Solutions!
If you’ve been fishing, camping, or hiking in the woods, you likely know the joys of bug bites. From mosquitos that ‘want to suck your blood’, to nasty bees looking for some action, and everything in between, we’ve all been there. You’re sitting innocently around the picnic table, enjoying a lovely lunch with your friends and family, when a red ant crawls up and bites you right on your leg! You reach into a bush in the springtime to pick a flower, and promptly get stung on the hand by a bee, who was busy pollinating before you so rudely interrupted and scared him half to death!

So what do you do if you’re itchy, but not a big fan of antibiotic creams? What if you just need to save a little time or money? Whether you can’t get to the store, your goal is to go natural, or you’re trying to be thrifty, making your own DIY bug bite anti-itch cream is a cinch with products you probably already have in your pantry!

For a simple paste that provides great relief, try making this anti-itch bug bite cream mixture: combine 1/2 c baking soda, 1/8 c water, and a tsp of salt. Mix well; paste should be thick, like toothpaste. If the mixture is too runny, add more baking soda. Apply directly to the area in need.

Another great way to stop the itch from a bug’s bite or sting is to rub some vodka on the affected area. I’m not sure why this works, but at least for me, it does. The cooling sensation and astringent properties soothe the sensitive area, and this process can be repeated as needed. Avoid using this homemade bug bite cream on babies or young children, as alcohol can actually seep into pores!

For a more kid-friendly natural home bug bite remedy, rub the affected area several times with the interior side of a ripe banana peel. This treatment may be effective on mosquito bites, and bites as well as bee stings. The oils can temporarily mitigate the sting and itch of many common types of bug bites. Vinegar can also be a helpful home remedy for bug bites, as it has an acidic quality, which can help cool and combat the itch factor, and disinfecting properties, which can help stave off any further itch and irritation due to infection.

If you had Chicken Pox as a kid, you remember how hard our Moms tried to soothe our itchy, itchy skin and painful bumps. Calamine lotion was a miracle liquid, but if that wasn’t working, or *gasp!* Mom ran out of it late at night, a noble substitute was plain, cooked oatmeal. Yup, delicious for breakfast, and effective against itchy, irritated skin! This natural homemade DIY bite remedy can be applied warmed or cooled and should ease any minor swelling and discomfort associated with many bites and stings. However, if ever you begin to feel any sort of reaction beyond mild pain at the site, contact a physician immediately.

To help avoid bug bites in the first place, I have a friend who swears by spraying mouthwash around his outdoor living spaces to keep the pesky buggers away in the first place. My friend feels it is the alcohol content in the liquid and the menthol smell that repels bugs like mosquitos and fruit flies. He keeps a squirt bottle, and sprays the air, and lightly, the surfaces around where people will be relaxing outdoors. He claims to notice a 50% reduction in overall bug activity, and hardly ever gets bit anymore. I haven’t tried this myself as of yet, but I thought I’d pass it on nonetheless.

Remember, if you get bit by something you can’t identify or are having any sort of unusual reaction, especially respiratory difficulties, seek medical attention right away. Do not attempt to handle poisonous insect bites or stings at home unless advised it is safe to do by a physician or Poison Control Center.

Best of luck for an itch-free summer season!

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