Pie for Dinner! Savory One-Dish Meals

Pies aren’t just for dessert anymore! These recipes pack all the punch of your favorite dinners, but in easy-to-serve and eat pie form. Enchilada, cheeseburger, and more get crusted, baked, and sliced up so you can have pie for dinner.

Cheesy Enchilada Pie

Looking for delicious Mexican flavors, but don’t want to fuss with tons of ingredients? This pie has all the zing of classic enchiladas, but with a super simple method, you can put together in minutes.

Baked Cheeseburger and Tomato Pie

Who says you need a grill and fryer to make cheeseburger and fries? This easy pie puts beef and cheese on a crispy potato crust. It has all the flavors of a cheeseburger dinner without the fuss of making individual burgers.

Deep-Dish Spinach, Egg and Spaghetti Pie

Put your leftover spaghetti to good use. Marinara, pasta, cheese, and spinach mix together in this simple, filling dinner pie. By using leftovers or things you already have in your pantry, it’s both easy on the wallet and family-friendly!

Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla Pie

With all the cheesy goodness of a quesadilla dinner, this pie omits flipping tortillas over a stove. It has all the baked-in goodness of a pie, but with fresh cilantro and spicy pickled jalapenos.

Mexican Taco Pie

This delicious pie has all the flavors of a classic crunchy taco but in an easy, weeknight dinner form. No more messy cleanup or a long buffet of toppings — this taco night is self-contained!

Smoked Gouda-Broccoli Pie

Put leftover pasta to good use with this easy, crustless egg pie filled with cheese and vegetables.

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