Ten Things Kids and Cats Have in Common

3.Standing in front of the telly during the good bits

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In these times of glossy, widescreen, high-definition LCD displays, the lure of the TV is harder to resist than ever, particularly if you’re under five. In spite of our strongest protests, the most harrowing and dramatic parts of Peppa Pig are nearly always obscured by the back of Emma’s head. Whereas, if there’s something on that he particularly likes the look of, like a cat food commercial or a documentary about buzzing insects, Casper will position himself exactly in front of the infrared sensor, rendering the remote totally ineffective from a distance of anything more than an inch.

4. Jumping on you at six in the morning

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This behaviour seems to be the product of a tacit agreement between the pair of them, no doubt made sometime during the small hours of the morning under the kitchen table, signed with a felt-pen scribble and pawprint and kept safe deep behind the cushions of the sofa. They seem to take turns based on a predetermined rota, regardless of whether or not either of the parent figures needs to be up early for work. In fact, the earliness of the hour is in direct proportion to how much we don’t need to be awake. On work days, the intrusion can occur as late as ten minutes before the alarm goes off, but if the prospect of a luxurious day off beckons, you can be sure that it will pre-empt the alarm by at least an hour.

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