Ten Things Kids and Cats Have in Common

7. Getting under your feet

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With both a cat and a small child on the loose, all parent figures in our household have to be equipped with fully functioning below-knee radar at all times, particularly when negotiating swift 180 degree turns while laden with piles of laundry or plates of hot food. One of them is almost guaranteed to be there, in your blind spot, right where you were planning to take your next step.

8. Turning on the charm after an argument

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As adult humans, most of us would love to sail through life blissfully free of altercations and drama, yet it goes without saying that any such plans usually evaporate directly upon contact with children or pets. Once tempers have flared and receded, however, it only takes the expert bend of a furry head to nuzzle the back of your hand, or a smiley wet slobbery kiss on the cheek to restore the usual levels of cute-inspired awe and wonderment. And don’t worry about the scratches, a dab of Savlon will work wonders.

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