Ten Things Kids and Cats Have in Common

5. Diffident attitude to authority

Source: Gettyimages

“Don’t do that!”

“Get down from there please!”

“Oh no you don’t!”

These, and many other, proclamations leave the mouths of the parent figures in our household with alarming regularity. Just as alarming is the aloof disdain with which they are rebutted.

6. Own special cushion

Source: Gettyimages

Most of us have one particular special something we like to hold on to to feel secure. In Emma and Casper’s case, this takes the form of a special cushion each. Emma’s is a patchwork red and white heart-shaped affair with little flappy huggy hands, whilst Casper’s choice is a more upmarket pale green suede item that used to reside on our sofa many moons ago in the years BC (Before Cat), but which now spends much of its time beneath his snoozing form on the lounge windowsill.

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