5 Ingredients Hassle-Free Holiday Potatoes

No festive feast would be complete without a potato dish. Our holiday table always includes at least two — a traditional sweet potato dish in addition to one made with white potatoes. The trick is to find recipes that are both delicious and relatively easy to prepare. Look no further — we’ve created five gems that will earn a regular place in your holiday lineup. With only a handful of ingredients, these festive potato dishes will help keep the hassle out of the holidays so you can celebrate the season stress-free.

Creamy Chipotle Sweet Potatoes

Add a bit of zing to your holiday meal with these chipotle-flavored sweet potatoes.

The sweet, smoky taste of these potatoes beautifully complements any holiday roast. The dish also improves with time. Prepare the potatoes the day before your holiday feast, then simply reheat before your guests arrive. You can cover them with foil and reheat in the oven, pop them in the microwave or warm them up on top of the stove.

Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes with Garlic

Not your ordinary mashed potatoes, guests will be clamoring for second helpings of this zesty dish.

With their rich buttery flesh, Yukon Gold potatoes are particularly good served mashed. Simmering the garlic with the potatoes mellows its sharpness and enhances the flavor of the spuds. Feel free to prepare the potatoes several hours in advance. Simply drizzle a little additional buttermilk on top to prevent a crust from forming, reheat in the microwave and stir in the chives.

Herb-Roasted Fingerling Potatoes

A snap to prepare, these little potatoes cook up in minutes and are perfect with roast turkey and roast beef.

As simple as it gets, these scrumptious little potatoes require no more than a light coating of olive oil and a sprinkling of fresh herbs. You can even add them to the pan you’re using for the holiday roast for ultimate efficiency. Added bonus: leftovers make great potato salad.

Scallion Potato Cake

Fast and fabulous, this potato cake comes together in a flash.

Using frozen hash browns cuts the prep time of this recipe in half and significantly reduces your cook time. To avoid kitchen frenzy just before the big event, make the potato cake earlier in the day and pop it in the oven for 10-15 minutes to reheat and crisp before serving.

Maple Sweet Potato and Apple Gratin

Quick and easy to prepare, this sweet potato gratin is sure to become a holiday favorite.

It’s hard to believe this elegant gratin is so simple to prepare. Make it even easier on yourself by baking the sweet potatoes a day ahead so they’re easier to handle and cut. Assemble the gratin several hours in advance, then just pop it in the oven 30 minutes before serving. Or, bake the dish ahead of time and serve at room temperature. Either way, it’s delicious — and convenient.

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