5 Reasons Your Dog May Bark When They See You

Dogs don’t bark because they are stupid: they want to say something to their master or mistress. The most common reason your pet is yapping for one of the following reasons.

Yes, it’s annoying, but dogs don’t bark to piss off their owners. At least not superficially: Your dog wants to tell you something through his sounds. Anyone who wants their four-legged friend to be well should listen carefully.

1. Your Dog Wants To Contact You

Excitement, joy, the daily greeting – there is not always a negative feeling behind your dog’s barking. Dogs use barking to establish contact. When the mistress or master comes home, the first thing they do is yap and wag their tails.

Anyone who comes home from time to time late at night and then finds an angry letter from the neighbors in front of the apartment door in the morning can take targeted action against the greeting barking. For example, teach your dog to bring you one of their toys to say hello. Anyone with a rubber chewing bone in their mouth cannot bark.

source: pixabay.com
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