6 Tips for Proper Intimate Hygiene

Proper care has to be learned – this also applies to the intimate area. But be careful: If you overdo it with intimate hygiene, you can even hurt your health. These six tips will help you groom yourself properly.

1. Do not think twice!

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The vagina is very independent. She doesn’t need your help to take care of herself. You should therefore only clean the outside with a little water. You can completely do without intimate hygiene inside. Very important: stay away from washing lotions and shower gels. They disrupt the ph value of the vaginal flora. It protects the vagina from bacteria and fungi. If the pH value is mixed up, the natural protective shield is gone.

2. Fresh, breathable knickers

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Change your underwear every day and it is best to use cotton panties. Synthetic fibers make you sweat and where there is warmth and moisture, fungi are not far either. By the way: Avoid using strings as much as possible. By friction, the nasty bacteria from the anal region can be transported forward towards the vagina. By the way, you should always wash your underwear on the boil cycle. This is the only way to really kill pathogens.

3. Stay away from the washcloths

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They are the ideal playground for bacteria, germs, and the like: washcloths and sponges. Accordingly, you have absolutely nothing to look for in the vicinity of your intimate area. Because as thoroughly as you may wash out the rags and sponges, the nasty pathogens usually don’t go away completely.

4. After sex on the toilet

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This tip sounds unromantic, but it is important: After sex, you should take a little break and disappear into the bathroom. Because through sexual intercourse, bacteria from the intestines and vagina find their way into the urethra much more easily. There they can go about their mischief and lead to bladder infections. Urine flushes the germs out again and you are ready for the next round.

5. Use toilet paper properly

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Speaking of the toilet: There is another important tip here: Always wipe the toilet paper from front to back. Otherwise, bacteria and germs can enter the vagina from the intestines.

6. No perfume!

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As much as you love to shower yourself with perfume on the top, please do without intimate deodorants and Co. in your genital area. With the right care, it does not smell unpleasant below. In addition, with such an operation you are once again messing up the vaginal flora, irritating the skin, and can even cause allergic reactions.

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