Chronic Fatigue The Warning Signs of Liver Disease

Fatigue, exhaustion, the feeling of not being able to cope with the demands of everyday life – many think of burnout syndrome. But it is not necessarily the soul that is behind these symptoms. Liver disorders can have the same consequences. Two plant extracts help those affected.

Liver disorders have many causes

The liver is our largest and most important metabolic organ. It ensures regular digestion and also breaks down toxins of all kinds. Organ disorders can have many causes. If we consume too much alcohol, medication or caffeine, this overworks the organ over time. If you add a diet high in fat, it becomes even more problematic. Because the liver needs oxygen to break down all pollutants. The fat metabolism then lacks it. Fat is stored in the liver cells, which can lead to fatty liver.

Too much sugar is bad for the liver

A lot of sugar is also not good for the liver. Sugar also has to be metabolized by the liver and released into the body. If a lot of sugar gets into the blood in a short time, the insulin level rises. This hormone ensures that the sugar is transported into the cells. The effect: the blood sugar level drops again very quickly. The back and forth between high and low blood sugar levels is also stressful for the liver. Some experts are now warning that this can also be the beginning of burnout syndrome.

Fatigue can be a symptom of a weakened liver

Typical of a weakened liver are so-called dyspeptic complaints, such as a flat stomach, bloating, pressure pain in the right upper abdomen and gastrointestinal cramps. Skin rashes and itching also occur. For many sufferers, however, symptoms such as tiredness, exhaustion, listlessness, and sleep disorders are in the foreground, which is very often not associated with the liver.

A blood test will show whether your liver values ​​are increased. In addition, the doctor will palpate the entire abdomen and, if necessary, examine it using ultrasound.

Artichoke extract protects the liver and drives away tiredness

Milk thistle fruit extracts protect the liver cells, stimulate the formation of new, healthy liver cells and intercept cell-damaging free radicals. Side effects only occur in people who cannot tolerate the daisy family. Artichoke extract can also protect the liver, a recent study shows. In the participants, the digestive complaints decreased significantly and the tiredness decreased significantly.

A diet low in fat and sugar is important for liver health. More than four cups of coffee a day are harmful. Alcohol, too, please only in moderation (0.2 l wine for women, 0.4 l for men). Anyone who needs to take medication should pay particular heed to this advice.

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