16 Foods You Should Never Refrigerate


The air in a refrigerator is too moist for coffee to remain fresh. Keep your coffee somewhere dry and away from sunlight. You’ll thank us in your mornings when you sip on your steaming hot cup of espresso!

Hot Sauce

There is no need to put your sauce in the refrigerator because it usually contains lots of vinegar and preservatives, which slow down any bacteria from growing. Hot sauce is also more potent at room temperature, so if you think you have taste buds made of steel, try taking your hot sauce out of the refrigerator.


Store your bread in a bread box or on a cabinet shelf, but not in the fridge. Refrigerating bread slows mold growth but makes the bread tough, chewy and stale-tasting. If you know you won’t use the whole loaf before it goes bad, wrap the excess in freezer paper and store it in the freezer for up to one month.


Refrigerating strawberries reduces their sweet flavor and gives them a mushy texture. For better taste, store fresh strawberries on the countertop, out of direct sunlight, and use them within a day or two of picking or purchasing. And don’t wash them until you’re ready to eat them; strawberries go bad more quickly after they’re washed.