Unreal Celebrities WeightLoss Transformations

Queen Latifah – 20 Pounds

Queen Latifah is a curvy lady – and a proud one at that! Although she never fit into the “ideal” beauty standards, she was happy with who she was and also supported others who were the same. But as her life got busier, she kept on putting weight due to a lack of time to focus on herself. Therefore, she hired a fitness trainer, Jenny Craig, with the goal of losing 5% of her body weight and ended up losing 20 pounds! Queen Latifah has a net worth of $60 million, and no doubt isn’t worried about mortgages or loans.

Alec Baldwin – 35 Pounds

Alec Baldwin was quite fit in his hay day, with a healthy metabolism to thank for it. Somewhere along the line, he temporarily lost focus on his health and ended up with a diagnosis of pre-diabetes in 2011. That was when he decided to get back into shape. To achieve his goals, his first decision was to cut out sugar and dairy from his diet and drink a lot more water. Along with taking up physical exercise like swimming, he ended up losing 35 pounds in just four short months. With a net worth of $65 million, Alec Baldwin is a rich man for sure who doesn’t have to worry about personal loans.

Melissa Mccarthy – 75 Pounds

Melissa McCarthy has always been on the heavier side, even when she was a little girl. Although she’s never paid too much attention to it, she was given a wake up call when her weight began to affect her mobility and led to her being diagnosed with high cholesterol. She decided to make a change in her lifestyle, and started to work out a lot more and sleep better. She also drank more tea to help her lose weight, and managed to lose an impressive 75 pounds in one year. McCarthy’s personal net worth comes in at $33 million, including her investments.

Lisa Riley – 140 Pounds

Lisa Riley came into her net worth of $3.7 million through projects such as Emmerdale and Loose Women, We believe she turns some of it into investment money. The actress has been overweight most of her life, but she decided things needed to change when her weight started causing problems with her health. So she started eating a healthy diet, gave up late-night snacking, cut out alcohol, and started doing Zumba. All of her efforts came to fruition when she ended up losing a whopping 140 pounds!

Seth Rogen – 35 Pounds

Popular actor Seth Rogan is best known for his roles in romantic comedies like Knocked Up and Pineapple Express. With a net worth of $55 million, he didn’t need to worry about loans or mortgages. But what he did worry about was his weight, and finally decided to get fit when he was offered a role in The Green Hornet. With the help of his friends and trainers, Rogan went down 35 pounds. The goofy and charming guy says he intends to maintain a healthy lifestyle and his current weight.

Khloe Kardashian – 40 Pounds

Khloe Kardashian didn’t really think her weight was ever an issue. But when she split from Lamar Odom, her ex-husband jumped right back into the dating game. This gave her a rude wake up call and led to her hiring a trainer and nutritionist, who help her follow a strict diet and workout plan. As a result, the reality star lost a total of 40 pounds. The star has a $40 million net worth to her name so she isn’t worried about finances, thanks to her investing some money in several real estate properties.

Rosie O’donnell – 60 Pounds

Rosie O’Donnell never took much notice of her health, which led to rapid weight gain. As a result of this, she suffered a massive heart attack in 2012. Doctors informed her that it had almost killed her and another would probably would. After her recovery, Rosie decided to turn things around. She got herself a therapist and trainer who guided her through her weight loss journey. Good for her, as her net worth of $120 million and multiple investments in insurance and real estate probably wouldn’t have been much use to her if she didn’t take care of her health!

Claire Richards – 80 Pounds And More

Claire Richards’ claim to fame came through her part in Steps, and she currently has a net worth of $500K, she can definitely use some investment money to increase her net worth. She’s had trouble with weight and body image issues for a long time. She would starve herself to achieve the “perfect thin” body, and then she would overeat and throw it all up. During certain points in her life, she’d lost as much as 50-80 pounds, which she would immediately gain back. In 2013, she made the decision to put a stop to all of it for the sake of her kids. She began to take care of herself and get healthier – and we’re glad she’s happier, physically, mentally, and financially!

Paula Deen – 40 Pounds And More

Paula Deen is a celebrity chef who loves to cook and eat indulgently. Her recipes always featured plenty of sugar and butter! But when she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2011, she knew something had to be done. As a food enthusiast, she couldn’t give up on delicious meals entirely, but she made sure to eat in moderation. She also focused on maintaining a healthier diet, invested in a treadmill and took up jogging. The celebrity chef also opened up her own restaurant recently. We’re sure she didn’t need outside investors or a business loan since she herself has a net worth of $14 million.

Mo’nique – 100 Pounds

Having struggled with her weight for a long time, Mo’Nique finally lost a total of 100 pounds by taking up a bunch of different physical activities from hiking and yoga to weightlifting and boxing. She even decided to share her impressive weight loss journey with her fans to inspire those that might be facing the same struggles. Mo’Nique’s net worth of $13 million is more than enough to live a happy life free of financial worries such as mortgages and loans, and now it’s a healthy one as well!

Ricki Lake – 30 Pounds

Ricki Lake was the perfect person to portray the overweight teen Tracy in the 1988 film Hairspray. Even though she would forever be recognized for that role, Lake later felt like her weight was getting out of hand. She set out to lose a 100 pounds, and managed to lose 30 pounds in 2011 when she joined the reality show Dancing With the Stars. Throughout her weight loss journey, she was careful to make healthy and smart choices because she was aware that a drastic drop in weight suddenly could be very damaging to her health and body. Lake has a personal net worth of $16 million, which means she won’t need to worry about mortgages.

Natalie Portman – 20 Pounds

Famous actress Natalie Portman has never been “fat” – even by the strictest standards – but her role in the movie Black Swan required her to lose a further 20 pounds. She achieved this through the help of a ballet trainer, a fitness trainer, and a nutritionist. It seems like all that hard work paid off because Portman ended up winning an Oscar Award for Best Lead Actress for her part in the movie! With a net worth of $60 earned from such successful movies, Natalie Portman doesn’t have to worry about loans, credit card bills, etc.

Simon Cowell – 20 pounds

Earlier this year, the America’s Got Talent judge revealed that he lost about 20 pounds in an effort to be healthier. Since then, Cowell says he feels healthier and stronger. The impetus for his weight-loss journey? Cowell decided he needed to change his lifestyle after he fainted and fell down the stairs at his house in 2017 due to low-blood pressure. As part of his lifestyle change, Cowell says he has stopped eating dairy, wheat and sugar, and became a vegan. “I cut out a lot of the stuff I shouldn’t have been eating and that was primarily meat, dairy, wheat, sugar—those were the four main things,” he said in an interview with The Sun.

John Goodman – 100 pounds.

best celebrity weight loss transformations: john goodman

At his heaviest, Goodman weighed nearly 400 pounds. When he realized how heavy he was, he decided to make a change. His first step to weight-loss: cutting out alcohol. Then, he cleaned up his diet, eating lean meats, fruits, veggies, and protein shakes, and eventually hired a personal trainer. He’s lost (and kept off) more than 100 pounds.

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