Storing Ginger: 7 tricks to Preserve the Tuber

Tip: If the ginger gets too warm, it begins to sprout like potatoes that have not been stored properly. Young shoots are no longer dangerous. Simply cut off generously and prepare the ginger as usual.

2. Store peeled ginger in the refrigerator

If the ginger is peeled or cut, it is best stored in the refrigerator. Here, too, you briefly wrap it in kitchen paper. You should moisten the fabric slightly beforehand. This will prevent the ginger from drying out.

Ginger’s greatest enemy in the refrigerator is its high humidity. Therefore you pack the wrapped tuber in a paper or sandwich bag. If the paper is softened by the wet winding, you simply exchange it.

Please do not use plastic bags or cling film. As a result, the ginger can no longer “breathe”, draws water and becomes moldy. If properly packaged, fresh ginger will keep in the refrigerator for a month.

Tip:Of course, you can also store unpeeled ginger in the refrigerator. However, the shell becomes soft quickly, so that peeling is no longer that easy afterwards.

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