Storing Ginger: 7 tricks to Preserve the Tuber

7. Plant ginger and harvest it yourself

A new ginger plant can easily be grown from a cut ginger bulb. The advantage: After a few months, new ginger rhizomes form, which you can harvest and use for cooking. You won’t get fresher ginger anywhere!

Here’s how you can plant ginger: You need a 2 inch piece of ginger. You put it in a water bath overnight. The next day, place the ginger with the cut side down in a flower pot with humus-rich potting soil. Important: build a drainage beforehand with expanded clay so that the water can drain off later.

Cover the ginger with a thin layer of soil (about 1 inch thick). Place the pot on a sunny windowsill and cover the surface of the pot with cling film to imitate tropical climates. Ginger is poured with lime-free water. As soon as the tuber sprouts after a few weeks, you can remove the foil cover.

The ginger can be harvested after around nine months. By the way, the best harvest time is in autumn, when the leaves of the ginger plant turn yellow. The ginger is planted in spring.



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