Storing Ginger: 7 tricks to Preserve the Tuber

4. Dry the ginger and process it into ginger powder

When packed airtight in a jar or can, dried ginger can be kept for almost two years. This compensates for the comparatively complex drying procedure.

Before you dry ginger, you should first peel it. Except organic ginger. Here it is enough if you wash and dry the tuber thoroughly. Then cut the ginger into thin slices – very easy with a vegetable grater. Note: the thinner the ginger, the faster it dries.

Dry the ginger in the oven: Spread the ginger slices on a baking sheet with baking paper and bake in the oven at a maximum of 100°F – not hotter, otherwise it will lose its aroma. While the ginger dries for several hours, the oven door remains tilted. This is the only way the moisture can escape.

You can tell that the ginger has dried by the fact that when you press your finger, moisture no longer forms and the ginger pieces break. You can use the dried ginger for tea creations. Or you can grind it to powder with a mixer or mortar. Your DIY spice is ready! Fun fact: Dried ginger tastes particularly hot.

Tip: Your ginger dries faster and more energy-efficiently in the automatic dehydrator. It’s also worth it if you want to make your own vegetable or apple chips .

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