5 Reasons Your Dog Should Sleep In Your Bed

2. Your dog in bed will help you fall asleep

It may be that a dog in bed occasionally helps wake you up – for example when he strolls to the water bowl at night or wants to make himself comfortable on another corner of the bed. Basically, however, a dog contributes to a good night’s sleep in a bed. And: Those who let their dog in bed even fall asleep faster on average. On the one hand, you roll around less because you don’t want to wake up your beloved four-legged friend. On the other hand, the calm breathing of the dog is transferred to you – the pulse goes down faster and ensures a more peaceful sleep.

And: In winter, a dog is a perfect replacement for hot water bottles. With a natural body temperature of 38 to 39 degrees Celsius, they keep us comfortably warm all night – how practical!

source: pixabay.com
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