5 Reasons Your Dog Should Sleep In Your Bed

3. The dog in bed gives you security

Those who often spend their nights alone can get their little bit of security from the pooch. Dogs provide a fundamental sense of security in most people. Whether Chihuahua or Great Dane: If we were in danger, the four-legged friends would be the first to see them. The pronounced sense of smell and hearing are much more pronounced in dogs than in humans.

Sure, the dog would sound the alarm if he slept in the basket instead of in the bed. But then you couldn’t snuggle up to him when a thunderstorm is raging outside. Whose fear is quenched by this – whether that of humans or that of dogs – is left open …

It’s not just people who prefer a soft bed. Cuddled up to their favorite person, every dog ​​floats on a cloud/source: pixabay.com
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